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A good landing page is a key tool to ensure that your connection with potential customers ends in conversion. How can you perfectly complement the success of your eCommerce product catalogue? We’re going to give you the Minderest keys for building a landing page that will succeed in sales.

What kinds of landing pages are there?

Depending on the objective that you want to achieve and the location of the user, there are different types of landing pages. In general, we can talk about these four:

  1. Landing pages on your website: these can be product sheets or your own homepage.
  2. Microsites: these are landing pages that you specifically create to meet a concrete objective. These are generated outside of your principal website so that you can get rid of them when you no longer need them.
  3. Landing pages for capturing leads: these are mainly used for intangible or long-term services, for which the users usually contact the brand first before making their purchase decision.
  4. Landing pages for social networks: these are characterised by a structure that needs to fit into the environment for which they are produced, such as Facebook.

In any case, all of these types of landing pages can focus on achieving conversions or transactions since their objective is clear: generating more sales for your eCommerce business. The most important thing is for the landing page to be the last stop for the user before conversion.

Landing page

Tips for building an effective landing page

For a landing page to work, first and foremost, it must meet the user’s objective for what they want to find. This means that you ought to avoid fragmentation, leak points, and, above all, send a clear, fair, and direct message.

All UX and user satisfaction experts agree that it’s better to opt for using non-aggressive, customer-friendly, and honest formulas to do this. The more transparent your offer is, the more opportunities for conversion you’ll have. Let’s see, in a summarised form, how to construct a good landing page with the tips you need to use it for conversion:

  1. Simplify the contact form as much as possible. Get rid of the intermediate steps that the user has to take to arrive at your landing page. The simpler the path, the higher their degree of satisfaction and with it, their willingness to continue to the finish line. Once on the landing page, decide which data is the most relevant to show to and request from the user, and maintain only that data.
  2. Be consistent. Your landing page must respond to what the user is looking for and must also fit whatever has led them to it. An advert? A pop-up on your website? Whatever it is, you must maintain the same aesthetics, message, and, above all, the same information.
  3. Use hooks like CTAs. Set aside bland formulas and dare to invite the user to identify with the action. Use action verbs and the first person to create that link between your potential customers and your eCommerce business. And psychological pricing? Do A/B testing to know what the best formula is for your type of product or service.
  4. Always think about responsive design. Currently, almost 70% of web browsing happens on mobile devices. This percentage increases as age and interests decrease. Always carry out the necessary test to ensure that all of your landing pages are perfectly useful and function on any smartphone.

Thanks to having a landing page that is aligned to your brand identity and the shopping objectives of your eCommerce business, you’ll be able to greatly improve your sales generation. What’s the next step? Implement a pricing tool that allows you to adapt your prices to the needs of the market at all times. Would you like to try?

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