How to boost sales with discount coupons

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Discount coupons allow e-commerce to increase their conversion rate and optimize their sales, since they act as incentive for users. The reduction in price that discount coupons offer on occasion are the last push that clients need to make a shopping decision and proceed to pay for the products or services. Given their benefits, from Minderest we explain to you how to implement them in your ecommerce. As a starting point, we recommend you have a pricing tool that adjusts your prices and promotions to maintain the profit margin of the business and reach maximum cost effectiveness.

Tips to design your discount coupons 

When designing your discount coupons you should keep in mind a series of aspect so that your release is a success, as users receive daily promotions and campaigns from dozens of businesses. To enhance the effectiveness of coupons it is important to: 

  • Design visually attractive coupons: Even though the discount percentage is the principal thing that calls to consumers, an attractive image will call their attention. You can apply this both in your email marketing campaign and in your social media ads, or in any channel of communication with the user. 
  • Planning the dynamic and all of the characteristics of the discount coupons to emit. Take your time to define the period of validity for the coupon, number of coupons, method of distribution, etc… and above all the discount that all coupons will have and to which products in your ecommerce it’s going to apply to. The cost effectiveness of the action will depend to a great degree on the latter. 
  • Segment audiences based on their position in the shopping process and their needs. You can create different coupons according to the directed audience. An example is offering greater discounts to already loyal clients to increase their engagement with the brand, specifically, to reinforce their trust in the business. 

As a whole, a well-designed discount coupon campaign will allow you to not only amplify your sales, but also to reinforce your brand image, increase your visibility and traffic to the website, increase the capturing of leads or potential clients, and improve the rate of loyal clients. In this way you will obtain both immediate and long-term benefits.

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Types of discount coupons offered to your clients 

According to the seasonality and objectives of your e-commerce you can opt for one type or another of discount coupons. The purpose is to obtain the best conversion rate at any moment. 

Discounts for the launching of a new product 

The sale of a new, unknown item for the public or with a high price can be accompanied by a consignment of discount coupons as incentive to make purchases.  You can also encourage users by emphasizing that it is a small number of coupons and whose use will be limited to a short period of time. You will create a sense of urgency that encourages a final shopping decision.

Discount coupons for second purchases 

In your emails after a purchase, you can include, as a gift or aware to your clients, a discount for following acquisitions. This will allow you to prolong the relationship with consumers and increase their level of satisfaction with the brand

Discount coupons on specific dates 

On specific dates for the e-commerce, like summer sales or on Black Friday, together with habitual promotions and that users are waiting for, you can offer additional discount coupons with which to stand out against the competition at any time of high competition. You can approve them to reward more consumers more loyal to the brand

In the end, what clients look for is to feel like they have obtained the best product at the best price, that they have obtained the best purchase. Given that it is not always the most optimal time to launch a discount campaign, a good indicator can be to guide yourself by the actions of competition. Analyze their prices and their campaigns to anticipate their movements and identify the best opportunity windows for the launching of discount coupons. You can help yourself with automized tools to monitor the competition

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