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Carrefour, one of the largest hypermarket retailers in the world, has a marketplace where you can sell your products to new users. This new platform allows companies to expand their sales channels and reach a much higher volume of potential customers. Specifically, as the company itself shows, Carrefour receives more than 80 million visits to its website every year. This is an opportunity for expansion, especially for companies that are just starting in the online world. To assess the convenience of selling your items on Carrefour's marketplace, start by analyzing what the competition does, what products they sell, what their prices are, and their stock changes. In this way, you can find out how successful your competitors are and decide whether to sell here. Then, you should consider the following factors:

How to register on the Carrefour marketplace

As a starting point, it is important to know that not all sellers are accepted on Carrefour's marketplace. In contrast to Amazon or eBay, the French giant carefully chooses the brands it integrates on its website to offer the best quality to its consumers. Therefore, after registration in its system, the company performs a personalized evaluation of each seller and is responsible for contacting the brand in case it receives approval to sell on the marketplace.

Being aware of this, companies can choose between two sales models:

Online sales on Carrefour

It works like any other marketplace: the seller uploads its products to the Carrefour website, thus making them available to users accessing its portal. Its main advantage is that it does not require any monthly or one-off commissions.

Multichannel sales with in-store presence

This modality allows brands to sell their products both online and in Carrefour's physical supermarkets, playing the role of supplier to the hypermarket chain for the agreed products. In this case, sellers must accept a series of requirements and have a sufficiently large stock to cover the demand at the physical points of sale. In addition, they must sign a one-year contract and pay a monthly fee.

How to sell your products on the Carrefour marketplace

Advantages of selling on Carrefour's marketplace

  • Access to a global database of millions of unique users. Users who also trust the Carrefour brand and the quality of the products on sale.
  • Support from the hypermarket retail chain always.
  • Enrollment in the company's bonus system. The higher your sales, the greater the advantages you can access, such as discounts on turnover.
  • Adequate online positioning, as the marketing actions implemented by Carrefour also have an impact on the visibility of the sellers and their articles.
  • Cost savings for e-commerce. The marketplace takes care of the logistics and shipping of products to the final seller.

To take advantage of all these benefits, it is important to meticulously select the products to be sold through this sales channel and perfect the presentation of each of the ads, so that they have quality photographs, clear and direct descriptions, and keywords that favor their positioning in the search engine. In addition, before setting prices, you can carry out an analysis of competitors' prices within the marketplace, including Carrefour itself, to adopt a competitive position and offer users attractive prices. You can use automated tools to speed up decision-making.

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