What is multichannel marketing?

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Multichannel marketing


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Multichannel marketing is a strategy that aims to launch campaigns on different platforms, mediums, and formats simultaneously. It’s a very useful tool for eCommerce businesses since it allows a single marketing campaign to be distributed through multiple channels to increase its visibility and reach a higher number of potential customers. Among the possible communication channels are both online and offline mediums: print newspapers, television, billboards, websites, social networks, and even mobile apps. You can also include dynamic pricing strategies in your multichannel campaigns to attract more customers, such as by setting exclusive prices for one sector of society or creating last-minute offers for certain services. 

The advantages of multichannel marketing for eCommerce stores

A well-structured multichannel marketing campaign will make the most of the unique characteristics of each channel or method of communication chosen. Thanks to this, its main benefit lies in the increased exposure of the brand to its different buyer personas. This, in turn, produces an increase in new user traffic for the eCommerce business and greater sales opportunities. It also offers the following benefits: 

Distribution through channels that are adapted to the customer

Multichannel marketing allows you to reach each user through their preferred channel, no matter if it’s online or offline. This is especially interesting when the eCommerce store wants to reach very different targets, such as young people between the age of 18 and 25, who will be on social networks, and men and women that are over the age of 60, who are more likely to consume television content. This is how the company can adapt the format of its advertisements to the preferences and tastes of each type of consumer

Increased interaction with users

By using different platforms and formats, you can encourage users to interact with the brand by switching from one to another. By using different calls to action, you can lead potential customers not only to your eCommerce website but also to your social networks or specific landing pages aimed at gaining loyalty. One model that we’re very accustomed to is the introduction of hashtags at the end of television advertisements. In addition to greater traffic, this practice achieves greater engagement with your target audience.

Multichannel marketing

Tips for launching a multichannel marketing campaign

  • Design a unique campaign with a clear and concise message. 
  • Copy this message to all of the campaign’s mediums or distribution channels. This homogeneity is what will allow you to relate the campaign to your eCommerce business, regardless of the format. 
  • Include the same aesthetic as well as your corporate identity in all possible channels. 
  • Learn about market trends in each of the medium. 
  • Carefully select the days and times for promoting your campaign. 
  • Afterwards, measure and analyse the results obtained and the conversions achieved. 

In general, the most important thing is to design a strategy that coheres to the brand identity and for the message to not get lost among the different channels. Likewise, you must bear in mind that any marketing campaign should be linked to an appropriate pricing strategy to achieve the greatest competitiveness possible. To streamline this process, you can use price intelligence tools that bring together all of the information from the eCommerce business and facilitate the decision-making process. 

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