How to sell on Cdiscount, the leading marketplace in France

It is the second most viewed marketplace in France. Its growing popularity and sales make it a suitable new sales channel for e-commerce businesses looking to expand into new markets.

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The French marketplace Cdiscount currently has more than 10 million active customers and 23 million unique users monthly. It is the second most viewed marketplace in France. Its growing popularity and sales make it a suitable new sales channel for e-commerce businesses looking to expand into new markets. Registering as a seller takes a few minutes. It allows the sale of all kinds of products, classified into different categories, just like on Amazon or eBay. However, to start selling in Cdiscount, you need to carefully analyse which items to put on sale and at what prices. In this post, we give you the keys to making your pricing strategy a success and achieving maximum visibility on Cdiscount.

Cdiscount users expect low prices 

You need to be aware that Cdiscount is a low-price marketplace. The website rewards the sellers with the best prices and makes them more visible to users. The marketplace also allows the sale of second-hand items at even lower prices. 

This is why to sell on Cdiscount, it is crucial to first research competitors’ prices and to design a low-price strategy that will stand the test of time. You can use a competitor price monitoring tool such as Minderest, which analyses the products of interest in any ecommerce or marketplace to find out prices, promotions or stock. By having a price history, you can predict your next steps and determine the key times when there are more or fewer offers within the marketplace. Without this information about competitors, you may risk slashing prices, losing your competitive position, or generating losses in the medium and long term.

On Cdiscount, the size of a brand’s catalogue determines its visibility 

In addition to pricing, another key aspect is the product catalogue size. Selling on Cdiscount requires the existence of an extensive catalogue from day one. Its importance lies in the fact that the more extensive the item list, the greater the brand’s or retailer’s visibility within the marketplace. To define which items you sell through this channel, you can also research your competitors’ catalogues and identify threats and opportunities. For example, you can define which substitute products you promote to outperform other stores, locate their gaps and where they fail to meet consumers’ needs. Creating this extensive catalogue will be simple, as Cdiscount allows the bulk upload of up to 1,000 products at a time. However, don’t forget the importance of product pages containing accurate descriptions, keywords and high-resolution images that demonstrate the features and functionality of each item.

Cdiscount Marketplace

With these guidelines, once you have paid the single €39.99 monthly subscription, you’ll be ready to start selling on Cdiscount. To make your pricing strategy effective and profitable, you can regularly monitor competitors’ prices with a pricing suite, and adapt to them as necessary. This is especially true, bearing in mind that prices constantly vary on marketplaces. Users are also highly aware of the endless offers and discounts that are theirs for the taking.

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