How to define an effective app marketing plan

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The use of the internet on mobile phones is constantly increasing. It’s also the main method of browsing the internet par excellence. This is why having an app that takes advantage of these devices is essential.

An app marketing plan is a process that will help you promote your phone app and achieve your planned objectives. To design your own application and achieve success, you must implement strategies that allow you to:

  • promote your app and build your brand;
  • increase traffic to the app download page and encourage installation; and
  • build user loyalty so that they share it with those around them.

Keyword optimisation

More than 50% of users download an app after searching for a specific keyword in a search engine. This shows us that optimisation is key. It will determine if you appear as number 1 or number 101 in the list when someone searches for “high-intensity training apps,” to give an example.

The optimisation of the app store can be divided into two important components: textual and visual. The text includes the optimisation of the name (now slogan), keywords, and description. The visual optimisation includes the icon, the screenshots, and the preview video of the app. 

Create buzz on social networks

On your social media, it can be very helpful to post the date that you’re going to launch your app as well as some of its features. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t share too many details to maintain the mystery and with it the interest of your target audience.

Create a landing page

The landing page is a great way to share information about your app, from its development to its launch and new features.

Collaborate with relevant media

Collaborations with blogs, magazines, or any other type of media that is thematically linked to your app will be of great help when it comes to promoting your app since you’ll be able to capture the attention of a large number of users. This is very necessary at the beginning of the launch and can offer a differential advantage over your main competitors.

In addition to promoting your app, this strategy can help generate user trust. Appearing in a relevant medium from the sector will give you a good image and with it an increase in visits to your app

Advertise your app through influencers and bloggers

Social networks are currently one of the largest online marketing engines that exist, which is why it would be very helpful to have influencers or bloggers promoting your app, as long as they have a certain relevance in the relevant sector. For this to be effective and to get them to collaborate with your app, you should offer them something in exchange for the promotion, such as free access to your app, a commission for each subscription, etc.

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