How does Amazon Live Shopping work?

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Amazon Live Shopping is a new livestream channel created by Amazon to boost product sales and attract more customers. It is a new portal that combines the benefits of classic TV shopping and new social media channels such as Youtube. You can find livestreams sorted by theme, displaying different products and their prices. Buyers are encouraged to purchase the products through Amazon. It is a new version of social media live shopping. Users are shown links to recommended products within each stream or live to encourage impulse buying. The way of certain products and sellers appear on Amazon Live Shopping is handled like any other advertising format: sellers purchase this support from Amazon to increase brand visibility. Do you think it fits into your marketing strategy? Do you have attractive prices? Read on to learn what you need to do to start promoting your products on Amazon Live Shopping. 

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As with all its services, Amazon stipulates several requirements that must be met by sellers wanting to advertise with lives. Brands or retailers must be registered on the Amazon Brand Registry, a registry designed to protect sellers against fraudulent adverts and protect their corporate image. In addition, the video content must be high-quality and of value to the user. Since this is not accessible to all companies, product advertising can be placed on Amazon Live Shopping in various ways. 

Types of Amazon Live Shopping ads 

  • Managed service/Amazon hosts: Brands are integrated into live shows produced and curated by Amazon, with a specific script written by the marketplace. Multiple brands and sellers can appear in these lives, each with corresponding links. 
  • Amazon influencers: Brands exclusively sponsor Amazon influencer livestreams. The marketplace has profiles of trusted influencers chosen for different product categories. 
  • Brands (self-service): Sellers stream live from their device via the Amazon Live Creator app, and have complete control over content. This format is a good way for large brands to generate greater customer engagement and increase prospects. 

In all three options, at the end of the livestream, the videos are saved in carousel format in the reviewed product’s file. Every video, both during the live and afterwards, features a chat where brands and retailers can interact with users, answer questions and even offer unique discounts

 Amazon Live Shopping

Advantages of Amazon Live Shopping for e-commerce businesses 

  • Increased traffic to strategic product pages that you want to position. 
  • Increased sales. 
  • Enhanced shopping experience for users. 
  • Greater engagement with key target markets. 
  • Ability to reach a wider audience. 

Refining your pricing strategy is crucial to get the most out of this new advertising medium. We recommend using a dynamic pricing strategy to adapt your prices to market needs at all times. An attractive live without competitive pricing will not increase the brand’s conversion rate. This is mainly because Amazon users are used to continuous price changes within the marketplace and are looking for the best deals. Therefore, you need to be aware of your competitors’ prices and modify your prices frequently so that consumers choose your products. 

Angela de la Vieja
Content Manager
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