What is CRO and how can you improve your conversion rate?

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Qué es el CRO y cómo puedes mejorar tu tasa de conversión


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How to implement CRO in your e-commerce

The set of tactics indicated for conversion rate optimization focus on improving the landing pages to which potential customers arrive after clicking on a URL of your e-commerce site. The characteristics of these pages and their messages are what will condition user behavior. That is why it is important:

1. - Location of the most trafficked landing pages

Through web traffic monitoring tools, such as Google Analytics, you can track where the users who come to your e-commerce come from and which are the landing pages that work best, either because their organic positioning is better or because the demand for certain products is higher. In addition to being able to verify at what times there is a greater abandonment of the online store. This will help you determine the most necessary changes within the web.

2. - Reviewing and adapting product pages

Once the best and worst-performing pages have been identified, it is time to check and modify their content. Review the keywords used in the product descriptions and categories and the vocabulary used. Product information should always be clear and straightforward. On the other hand, you should also check that the design and aesthetics of each section are eye-catching. To do this you can incorporate new high-quality images and video demonstrations of the different products or services.

How to implement CRO in your e-commerce

3. - Review of the pricing strategy

Prices also affect the conversion rate. To improve it, you can launch a campaign of offers or promotions or test the behavior of users when faced with different prices through dynamic pricing.

4. - Definition of direct and effective Call to Action

Any call to action included in your landing pages must be clear and attractive. It indicates directly to the user what he can do and what he will get with this action. A clear example of this can be seen in the messages that accompany specific offers: buy now and get a second unit at a 50% discount. Along with CTAs or Call to Action you can include messages related to the value that your brand brings to consumers or opinions or positive experiences of other customers. Their purpose will be to generate greater trust in the brand and encourage conversion.

Although the main benefit of CRO is to increase the conversion rate, its application in your e-commerce can also bring you other advantages, such as attracting new leads and reducing the cost of customer acquisition or CAC. At the same time, it will also allow you to improve your positioning against the competition. In this sense, so that your sales strategy includes competitive prices that favor conversion, you can incorporate as a final step the monitoring of your competitors' prices. This way you can anticipate their movements and reduce the rate of users who abandon your e-commerce in search of second options.


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