Ideas to increase your sales on Father’s Day

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Father’s Day offers eCommerce businesses an opportunity to increase their sales, but to do so, they need to have a good pricing strategy. This is a date that many online stores prepare for and that has fierce competition. That’s why it’s essential to have competitive prices and to design exclusive promotions that grab the attention of potential customers. Start by analysing the prices of your competition and how they’ve evolved to anticipate their movements. Then, we recommend that you use the following tips to optimise your sales in the run-up to Father’s Day. 

Adapt your eCommerce prices and product catalogue

Offer unique promotions 

Your pricing strategy for Father’s Day should include unique discounts and promotions for the celebration. You can direct these at different segments of your target audience based on the objectives of your eCommerce business, such as only loyal customers or even new customers who are buying for the first time. Discount codes and coupons are a good resource for this. If you also give your promotion a time limit, you’ll generate a greater need to purchase in your users. For example, you can launch a 20% discount for just one week with free shipping

Create product packs

The sale of multiple products at a slightly lower price is a lure for potential customers. These work especially well on dates like Father’s Day when users aren’t sure what they want to buy. Think of packs of socks and neckties or gourmet products with special packaging for the occasion. This is how the eCommerce store can recommend a more attractive gift to users at a lower price than it would cost separately.

Design a gift guide

Along the same lines, another good way of capturing undecided consumers is to organise a landing page with recommendations for gifts based on the amount they want to spend and the type of father in question. You should select the products that you’re most interested in selling beforehand, due to seasonality, excess stock, or quality, to ensure customer satisfaction.

 Increase your eCommerce sales on Father's Day.

Design a unique marketing campaign 

Any pricing strategy to increase sales on Father’s Day must go hand in hand with a unique multichannel marketing campaign that sets you apart from the competition.

Go viral online

The campaigns that are the most original and entertaining are the ones that go viral. To achieve this, you first need to think, “Why would anyone share my content?” To that end, you should look more at creating attractive content with impactful messages and less at directing advertising your products and prices. One company that has done this very clearly this Father’s Day is Durex, the condom company.

Encourage interaction on social media 

Take advantage of your social media platforms to converse more with your followers for this celebration. One good tool is to create a raffle or a contest based on gamification that encourages users to participate and share. You won’t only boost sales by generating more traffic to your website, but you’ll also be able to capture new leads and establish greater consumer engagement with the brand. 

The ultimate goal is to set your eCommerce business ahead of the competition in the minds of the consumers. Make your online store their first choice, both on Father’s Day as well as at any other time that they need one of your products. This goal will be easier to achieve if you can count on the advice from a team of pricing experts that will provide you with the information you need to predict your competitors’ movements and strategies.

Angela de la Vieja
Content Manager
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