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Fruugo is an international marketplace that sells directly to consumers and makes it easier for businesses to open in new markets worldwide. It is a general marketplace that sells all sorts of products. Fruugo aims to simplify the buying process between different countries. Currently, Fruugo has a customer base in 46 countries, and its payment platforms work with up to 20 foreign currencies. Fruugo has many advantages, especially for companies with fewer resources wanting to take their products global. Below we will explain the advantages and how to start selling so that you can adapt your pricing strategy.

Advantages of selling on Fruugo 

Using Fruugo allows e-commerce businesses to bring their products to a massive database of international customers. These customers would be harder and more expensive to reach by other methods. This helps ensure the globalisation of the business is more profitable in the medium and long term. 

Fruugo also has a range of services available to sellers to improve productivity. For example, suppose you are unsure about the demand or behaviour of customers in a particular region. In that case, the marketplace has a team to guide you to make your catalogue as attractive as possible for the different target markets that you want to reach. The platform also has partner and business links available to help perfect the buying experience or logistical services

On the technical side, this marketplace is optimised to work on different devices, given the extensive use of smartphones and tablets. Finally, it is possible to integrate Fruugo into Google Shopping, so publishing a catalogue is as easy as possible for retailers and brands. 

No registration or usage fees for e-commerce businesses 

One of the other significant advantages of Fruugo is that registering and publishing your catalogue is entirely free. This marketplace does not charge retailers monthly or annual fees. Instead, fees are based on sales commission. Commission fees are: 

  • 15% of the shopper’s basket value 
  • 2.35% for transaction processing costs
How to start selling on Fruugo

How to start selling on Fruugo 

To start selling on Fruugo, you just have to register your e-commerce business and complete the required information about the product catalogue that you want to sell. During this process, the marketplace will check that your store can: 

  • Manage the dispatch of goods internationally, including correct information about delivery costs and time frames. 
  • Publish up-to-date information about each item, its features, and prices. It also needs to have high-quality images of the product range. 

The importance of monitoring the competition 

Finally, it is vital to analyse your competitors’ activity within the marketplace, in this initial phase. You need to know the products that they sell and the selling prices. Then you can identify gaps and opportunities for your business and get one step ahead of their moves. This is especially critical in the international market as prices and demand change extremely fast. 

Despite other influential factors, the price remains key in the final purchase decision for users who are most sensitive to fluctuations. With the help of pricing tools, you can ensure your prices remain competitive, regardless of the country where you are selling the item.

Maria Jose Guerrero
Content Manager
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