Protect your brand and preserve the halo effect

This halo effect tends to stem from first impressions, so the whole brand will be seen in a good light if the first impression is positive.

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Protect your brand and preserve the halo effect


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The halo effect is a cognitive bias by which a single quality or characteristic conditions consumers’ perception of the entire brand. A single trait creates a halo or aura that permeates the whole company. This halo effect tends to stem from first impressions, so the whole brand will be seen in a good light if the first impression is positive. Applying the halo effect in marketing has enormous potential, helping brands to strengthen their corporate image and have a closer relationship with customers. Ultimately, it can help optimise sales alongside the right pricing strategy. We explain how to apply the halo effect to your brand.

How to apply the halo effect in your marketing campaigns 

When applying the halo effect to marketing, you should be aware that the key is to choose a star product or a quality that makes you stand out from your competitors. For example, it could be an exceptional product, as Apple did with the iPod during the noughties, or a distinctive feature, such as the unique quality of your raw materials. Once chosen, you should focus all your promotional, marketing and communication campaigns on this quality or product, so that its positive aspects extend across the entire brand. The brand will be perceived as higher quality, more technologically advanced, etc. Don’t promote your most expensive product. Promote the most popular one. 

As well as implementing this marketing strategy, you can: 

  • Groom the brand aesthetic and ensure consistency in all the graphic elements: catalogue and landing pages, promotions and adverts, social media, packaging, etc. This even applies to internal reports or team meetings. The e-commerce staff can also be brand ambassadors. 
  • Link the brand to a celebrity figure. 
  • Engineer synergies and collaborations with other brands that convey a positive image and are welcomed by the public. 
Protect your brand and preserve the halo effect

All your efforts to create a good customer first impression will be wasted if the brand does not maintain a consistent image across its different sales channels. It is vital that the various distributors, such as marketplaces or retailers, follow your guidelines when selling your products. This includes the correct aesthetics, the company-approved call to action and recommended retail prices. With the latter, if the seller does not apply the recommended prices, it can create the impression that the brand is too expensive or too cheap. This perception will not be limited to that one particular online store but will permeate the entire brand.

Content compliance tools trawl thousands of e-commerce sites and marketplaces and review the product sheets to avoid this situation. They check the attributes, photo, name, description, price, etc. comply with the brand’s stipulated guidelines. This technology makes it easy to track down unauthorised distributors selling branded products without agreements in place. Greater control over the different sales channels will affect the company’s brand image and users’ sales and engagement.

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