How to create customer loyalty

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How to create customer loyalty


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E-commerce customer loyalty helps to increase sales and reduce the costs of user acquisition. However, customer loyalty is often ranked second in brands' priorities, below acquisition and conversion. Not only is this a missed opportunity, but marketers risk customers perceiving this lack of attention from the company and losing interest. It is therefore important to have a proper loyalty strategy to reinforce consumer confidence in the brand. To achieve this, you can start by analyzing your overall sales strategy with the help of a pricing suite, so you can better define what budget to dedicate to loyalty and what to offer to these loyal customers in terms of discounts or unique prices.

Personalization is the key to customer loyalty.

Your customers want to know that you know them and that you care about them. The experience of large e-commerce shows that personalization in communications and the treatment received, also virtually, are essential elements to encourage consumers to repeat their purchases in the same store.

In practice, through a customer-centric strategy, you can respond to their needs in an effective and personalized way. Start by segmenting your most loyal users in detail based on their demographics, interests, and behaviors. From this information, you can send emails or push notifications with personalized messages to encourage them to return to e-commerce.

Most effective loyalty strategies

Most effective loyalty strategies

Loyalty programs

In today's highly competitive online markets, loyalty programs have proven to be a differentiating element among brands. These initiatives include point cards or customer clubs, among others. They not only offer customers unique rewards but also make them feel more valued than other users.

In addition, with today's technology, e-commerce can have applications based on gamification and interactive marketing to build a better shopping experience for the consumer. These loyalty programs can also be articulated through the already classic and effective email marketing, as long as it is done in a strategic and personalized way.

Personalized discounts and promotions

In parallel to loyalty programs, offering discounts and promotions to customers who make a greater number of transactions have proven to be highly effective in building customer loyalty. As in the previous case, personalization once again plays an essential role, since it is the key element that brings you closer to your customers and generates greater trust in your company. You can, for example, base your discount strategy on the seniority of your users. These discounts can be of diverse types:

  • Unique discounts on the purchase price.
  • Discount coupons to be used on the next purchase.
  • Rewards for bringing a new friend to the website.
  • Unique promotions for a birthday, Mother’s Day, black Friday, etc.

After-sales service and return policy.

Personalized customer service should also include the after-sales service you receive. This ranges from the possibility of talking to a salesperson simply and quickly, to the facilities for the return of products if they do not meet their expectations or their characteristics do not correspond to the published ad. E-commerce with strict return policies or complicated procedures will have a lower rate of loyal customers.

Customers stay loyal to e-commerce because they consider your prices to be appropriate. Therefore, along with the above tips, it is important to constantly adapt your prices to the needs of the market, especially when faced with elastic demand. With the help of repricing, you can automatically adjust your prices to make them as competitive as possible with the competition, without reducing your profit margin. You can use automated tools to streamline processes and optimize e-commerce productivity.

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