Case Study - Cecotec



Cecotec boosts profits by monitoring prices

Cecotec is an innovative company that needed a pricing tool to determine market prices in its sector and its distributors’ retail prices and promotions. As there are so many online sellers, Cecotec needed constantly updated information. Minderest’s price monitoring solution allowed Cecotec to identify and tackle potential violations of the RRP, and protect the brand image of its products online.

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  • 90% price stabilization in the online channel.
  • Cecotec monitors more than 1400 items daily.
  • They receive more than 8,000 price points that allow them to monitor and find out about their distributors.

The rules of the online channel are different from the offline one. Online, changes prevail, and, in most cases, price is the determining factor in the sale. Therefore, we take pride in ensuring that the prices of Cecotec products align with our brand image, and that we avoid threats to different products in our distribution network. Minderest has helped us instil and maintain harmony in online commerce.

  • Josep Domènec Safont, Pricing Specialist - CECOTEC

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