Case Study - Ecus Kids



Ecus Kids monitors the MSRP online to protect retail offline

Ecus Kids, one of the largest children’s sleep brands, had a significant challenge. They wanted to know the prices at which players sold their products online, so that they could improve the price and increase their offline distributors’ profit margin. The crux of the issue was to automate the process and obtain market information quickly and efficiently. So, they started working with Minderest.

If you download this case study, you will find out how ECUs Kids has managed to: 

  • Improve their distributors profit margin.
  • Find out about the list of online players, their selling prices, the variation, the details of the products shown and available stock. 
  • Access more than 100,000 monthly data on prices and product details.


“Thanks to Minderest, we have managed to keep the prices of our products consistent. We have seen an increase in sales from our customers, both online and in physical stores, and an increase in their satisfaction with Ecus Kids, as it is a profitable brand for them, which is in high demand from the public. In addition, the increase in average sales prices allows us to invest more resources in the Ecus Kids project, thereby accelerating its growth.” 

Jorge Molina-Niñirola, Product Manager Ecus Kids


Do you have similar challenges? Find out how our solution could help your business. Download the Case Study!

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