Use Case - Price monitoring by zip code

Use Case - Price monitoring by zip code


Monitor the selling price in every zip code - automate the process and eliminate the need to travel

The same product can have several different prices, even with the same retailer, depending on where it is sold or the delivery address. Geographical prices respond to the need to adapt to each area’s socio-economic reality and consumers’ willingness to pay

Find out how a leading North American brand monitors distributors’ prices in each zip code daily, across the 50 states of the USA, without travelling, or manually collecting data.

Want to know how they did it?

  • Daily price monitoring of 2,000 products. 
  • Optimized price monitoring by zip code, in different states – an automated process that saves resources. 
  • Obtained quality data for price monitoring from large distributors from the home and DIY sectors.

Download this Use Case to find out how this brand has maintained consistent selling prices for its products.      

Monitor selling prices in each zip code with Minderest

  • Know any retailer’s prices with daily updates.
  • Receive alerts when price changes occur.
  • Detect deviations and avoid price wars in each area.

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Monitor the selling price in every zip code

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