Key dates in the price comparison calendar

When establishing a dynamic pricing strategy, it is essential to take into account the critical moments in which possible price changes will occur in our competitors. However, there is also a factor that retailers should not lose sight of, and that is to emphasise the dates in which the buying customers themselves compare prices online. In general, it is logical that both situations coincide. On one hand, the e-Commerce will guide its dynamic pricing strategy based on the dates in which it is... + read more

Price study between El Corte Inglés and Amazon Spain

Madrid, 28th May, 2019. El Corte Inglés, one of Europe’s leading department stores with over 75 years of experience in this sector, opted for an omnichannel strategy more than a decade ago and has since adapted and improved its digital strategy in online sales, especially after the arrival in Spain in 2011 of the American giants, Amazon. Both companies closed the year 2017 with an exceptional volume of online sales, with Amazon being the first online sales outlet in Spain... + read more

How to prepare catalogue changes if you are a manufacturer

A manufacturers catalogue and brands are what defines, among other variables, their possibilities of acceptance by both consumers and retailers who sell their products to the end customer. Hence, keeping it updated is extremely relevant. Catalogue changes by any brand must be a meticulously measured and detailed process so that none of the content is left without the necessary coverage. Changing a brand's online catalogue is usually as a response to the launching of a new product or the... + read more

What is the sale by geolocation in ecommerce?

Geolocation in e-Commerce is one of the sales techniques with the highest potential for retailers. Now that users use mobile devices such as smartphones to make their purchases, offering products, special deals and personalised prices, based on their location is an opportunity that cannot be left untapped. But, let’s start at the beginning. How do sales by geolocation work? The approach is simple: thanks to systems that are already incorporated in each and every one of the electronic... + read more

New pricing strategies for 2019: Omnichannel and dynamic pricing

When talking about pricing strategies, we know that we must always have a clear understanding regarding current pricing trends.  These vary depending on the behaviour of the potential buyer, the incursion of new business models or the opening towards greater levels of competition. This is why it is necessary to discover and get to know new pricing strategies that allow each brand to differentiate itself, anticipate the wishes of its audience and be at the forefront of the market. In this... + read more