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Amazon Best Sellers Rank: an ally for eCommerce businesses

Amazon is currently much more than just another sales channel for online businesses. With the right strategy, incorporating your products into this marketplace can be key to improving the performance of your eCommerce business. There are resources for this such as the Amazon Best Sellers Rank, which includes a list of the best-selling products over a certain period of time. It’s updated every hour to incorporate the most recent transactions and historic data on products, comparing them to... + read more

Managing demand response is a logical economic process

The fairness of dynamic pricing has always been up for debate. Nevertheless, it has been used throughout our lives. Technology has only opened up a new dimension. No one could forget the habitual and historic behaviour in some restaurants during their local festivals or when – after beginning with low prices – success made those restaurants their raise their prices to the logical level. Despite the cognitive biases that make us think about rejecting a situation that we don... + read more

The importance of online visual merchandising: build your story

In a physical store, visual merchandising is taken for granted. We know that the aesthetics and how the merchandise is laid out in the store or locale greatly influences the subsequent generation of sales. This is an aspect that shouldn’t be neglected in the online environment, though. Many brands already have an omnichannel sales philosophy. When this is added to the reality of those that only sell online, having a good appearance and functionality becomes more than... + read more

Loss leader strategies: a risk or an opportunity for your eCommerce?

Loss leader pricing strategies have gained popularity and support in recent times. Above all, this is thanks to eCommerce businesses and marketplaces that have very large product catalogues. These risky strategies aim to increase the cross-selling of products through unbeatable prices, which are below market price, on the product that is of primary interest to the consumer. Above all, this pricing strategy is a great opportunity to stand out in the market. While it’s ingenious, it... + read more

5 pricing strategies to sell more in your eCommerce business

There are many pricing strategies out there. There are almost as many strategies in online stores as there are objectives and consumer profiles to target. The best pricing strategy for each eCommerce business will depend on many factors, but some offer guaranteed effectiveness, as long as they suit the criteria of your audience and the status of your eCommerce business.  The objective of all these pricing strategies is to improve the profits of your eCommerce business, regardless of the... + read more