Email marketing: best practices to design better campaigns

Email marketing
A good email marketing campaign will allow you to optimise your eCommerce purchase processes and accelerate conversion rates to increase sales. This is because customers consider email marketing to be one of the most appropriate means of maintaining contact with brands as it’s a minimally invasive tool. At the same time, the information obtained from user behaviour after receiving your emails will allow you to correct errors and adapt your pricing strategy to their needs.... + read more

Pricing Strategies: the most common errors

Defining a pricing strategy suitable for your e-commerce is a crucial step toward optimizing sales and future consolidation of the business. Incorporating new products into the market with competitive prices can affect the profitability of the business and hurt the brand image. To avoid this, you should firstly perform an analysis of competition prices so you have a general idea of the market situation. Once you are developing your pricing strategy, we recommend avoiding the following common... + read more

Ebay vs Amazon: Which marketplace should you choose?

ebay vs amazon
Amazon and Ebay are the two most important marketplaces on a global scale. Their volume of sales constitutes a growth opportunity for e-commerce. This is because they count on a very ample data base of inscribed users in their portals, susceptible to buying products of new selling brands. Given that both marketplaces have a series of rates and sales quotas, it will not always be possible or adequate to have a presence in both. To help you choose one or the other, from Minderest we recommend you... + read more

How do you create irresistible offers in your e-commerce?

Irresistible offers
Product offers allow an e-commerce to increase sales and favor the acquisition of new customers in the short and medium term. They are an effective tool to increase the income of businesses and improve their positioning in front of their competition. To achieve these benefits, without reducing the business’s profit margin, you can rely on a pricing suite when adjusting or modifying your prices. If you already have this, though, we will explain to you what the best offers are to attract... + read more

Brand Trust: what it is and how to acquire a trusted brand

brand trust
The term brand trust refers to the trust that clients put in a brand, the favorable opinion that users have in an e-commerce. This encompasses all the trust in the quality of products, like the satisfaction of a complete shopping experience, from going on the web until you receive the products at your doorstep under the agreed time and conditions. Even though creating a relationship of trust with clients is a difficult process, obtaining it is one of the basic indicators of growth and success... + read more