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How to calculate your Amazon FBA fee

FBA Amazon calculate.
The cost of the FBA service from Amazon is calculated individually for each product on the marketplace, based on its specific characteristics. This is the price that each vendor needs to pay Amazon for storing and shipping their products to Amazon’s clients. This is why, before deciding to sign up for the FBA logistics system, we recommend that you to calculate how much it will cost and evaluate the benefits that handing over the shipping management to the marketplace can offer your... + read more

What is psychological pricing success based on?

Psychological pricing
Psychological pricing strategies offer very good results when it comes to setting prices for certain products or services. With them, you can attract customers based on their perception of the prices in your catalogue and how this influences their purchase decision. It all depends on how the consumer thinks. Thanks to multiple studies, we know that different types of prices generate different decision patterns in potential customers. For example, unrounded prices are more difficult to... + read more

Ready for Singles’ Day? 11 tips to be more competitive on 11/11

Singles’ Day is the day with the greatest volume of online sales worldwide, a day of increasingly popular sales and discounts. Even though it was born in China as a way to boost the economy, now thousands of eCommerce business around the world join into the celebration of this holiday on 11/11. Given the high level of competitiveness in the online market, especially if we consider campaigns by giants like Alibaba, which is hoping to celebrate the largest Singles’ Day ever in 2020,... + read more

Dynamic prices like in the continuous market

Dynamic pricing
I’m always struck by the number of people who sit in front of the stock exchange monitors in my city. It’s a way of passing a time, like the trainspotters of the past. They’re not only observers; some of them are also able to detect patterns of behaviour in stocks and temporary trading scenarios, “gambling” a few euros pay for the day’s coffee. This is a bit of fun for the retired fans of the continuous market that entertains them because the pricing dynamics... + read more