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How to boost your sales with Google Shopping

Google Shopping has become a fundamental platform for e-Commerce as a product showcase.  It presents a unique opportunity that allows online sellers to be able to show their items to a very demanding audience and in just one click the user will be able to visualise the exact product that he is looking for, and what is the best price.  Making your product appear at the top of this search engine sounds ideal for any online store, but it also has its disadvantages, what if your prices... + read more

Key reasons why Apple is a market leader

Apple's main key to success is based on setting high prices to build a luxury brand, but how do you explain its success despite having high prices?  Apple's differential characteristic is to offer unique and premium products that in turn are emotive and generate feelings such as the need to have Apple’s exclusivity. Apple’s strategy for success Continuous innovation:  Apple is a leader in innovation and manages to set trends with each product it launches... + read more

Key KPIs for controlling the performance of your eCommerce

KPI’s, or Key Performance Indicators, are necessary for any type of eCommerce, and thanks to them it is possible for us to see what strategies are currently working and discover the real value of the investments we are making. But first of all, what exactly are KPI’s?  The term refers to key performance indicators or performance meters, those which are used to evaluate the results obtained from a campaign, they can tell us if we are on the right track and whether we are... + read more

Reasons why Brands & Manufacturers Should monitor their MSRP/MAP prices.

In the digital age, where online sellers proliferate more than ever, controlling recommended prices has become a really difficult, if not impossible, task without the use of price monitoring tools.  Therefore, more and more manufacturers are turning to these, helping them to simplify this complex, yet essential, task and allowing them to have prices under control and thus get an overview of each market where they operate. Identify who sells what products Having a pricing tool can,... + read more

SEO branding: how to attract traffic to your private label eCommerce

Attracting traffic to your online store is the first step to increase the number of potential customers & generate sales.  In addition, it is one of the main health indicators of any online store, along with its conversion ratio. We already know that SEO is one of the strategies that allows us to improve the reach of this online traffic, by capturing new potential customers from search engines.  However, there is a variant of this technique that, far from the generic terms of... + read more