Your competitors´ price changes in your email

How much time do on-line stores spend in monitoring competitors ‘prices? And specially, why reviewing the whole product set when only a few hundred of products may have change its stock or  price? This and other questions are given a solution in Minderest, by automating the price and stock change notification by e mail. It´s as simple as receiving a daily summary of those of your products, also be found in your competition, who´s price or stock have been modified. You... + read more

Price monitoring tools, 5 clues to choose the right software

When it comes to choose an ecommerce price monitoring software, we must take into account certain aspects which assure power, scalability and information quality. Here you are five points to assess in order to take the right decision: 1. Scalability: will the tool resist monitoring thousands of products and tens of competitors? The tool must allow our commerce growth, and not become outdated overtime. 2. On the cloud: desk top solutions are no longer adequate because of its low power and also... + read more

Ecommerce Market Research

Before we start selling our products online, we must carry out a market research in order to find out  if our products are demanded by the market and if ther is a gap for our company amongst our competitors. In order to carry out our research, we can use certain tools such as Google Trends, Google Adwords and our competitors´price monitoring software, Minderest. How can we use these metrics then? Demand: To find out if our products are demanded by clients, we can use Google trends... + read more

What are my competitors' last price and stock changes?

In a handmade price revision, we must check if our competitor prices remain the same or have changed but, why should we waste our time in a task that can be automatized? With our competitors’ price monitoring application we can apply the “recent changes” filter which will show us the list of products which have had a change in its price or stock recently. Don´t waste your time going through products which haven´t had any change and go straight to the ones which... + read more

Successful Case Study in the wine & Spirits Industry: Competitor´s analysis and price optimisation

The wine industry, very important in Spain, landed a few years ago in the online world and today, we can find a wide variety of references not only of national wines but also of international ones. This wide variety of companies has promoted  competitiveness and now one can find different prices for the same product. In the following lines, we are going to show you the challenges we have faced in order to improve our client´s Competitiveness in the online world. Success case study... + read more