Inbound sales: the key to increasing sales in B2B businesses

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The term inbound sales refers to the sales methodology based on offering a better experience to the client and enhance their relationship with the brand. A methodology can also apply to B2B businesses to improve their performance and increase sales. The objective of inbound sales is to accompany the buyer through the sales funnel. Unlike inbound marketing, that has the potential of attracting leads, inbound sales acts in the following step of the sales process: driving interested users to the brand. Even though traditionally B2B businesses are more important in personal relationships with a trusted commercial, in reality many perform their own online investigation in search of new providers. Because of this, the combination of an inbound sales strategy and an adequate establishment of prices will give you the key to improve your profit margin. We will explain to you all that you need to know. 

To start with, the focus of this sales methodology is based on paying attention to active buyers and offering them just what they need. You should try to generate trust through transparent and effective communication, both with your products and services and with your corporate identify and values.

Steps of an inbound sales strategy 

1.- Identification and segmentation of active buyers  

The first step should be localizing and classifying active clients that are interested in the brand depending on the stage of the sales process they are in and their characteristics. This will allow you to adapt your messages, offers, and calls to actions to their necessities, increasing the possibilities of sales. In this phase of segmentation B2B businesses should keep in mind: the size and the billing of businesses possibly interested in your products or services, the sector that is dedicated to your geographic location. This way, you can save time and resources. 

2.- Sending information and personalized contents 

Through your information, the following step will be to establish initial contact with potential clients. Given that you have previously been through the phase of attracting leads, you will be able to send personalized messages highlighting the value that your business contributes to other businesses. Offer orientation and show genuine interest in helping your potential clients to meet their objectives. Whether it is via email, call, or social media, offer a way of direct contect with your commercials as a form to encourage sales. 

3.- One on one contact 

If the response is positive, then this would be the time to have a conversation to explore your problem in greater depth. In this phase, your business should be positioned like a subject matter expert, with authority and the capacity to adapt solutions to the necessities of other businesses.  It is important to centralize your efforts toward potential buyers that dedicate the necessary time to inform themselves and value your proposal and that show indication of having sufficient resources to close the commercial agreement. 

4.- Advice and firm proposal

Through this exploratory conversation, if the feedback is good and you  trust the interest of the business for your products and services, you can offer a small piece of advice useful times to add value. This will open up the door to present a firm proposal with your corresponding budget. You can include the return on investment to achieve or a free demonstration of how your services or items work.  

The high degree of effectiveness of inbound sales methodology is because it is a minimally intrusive technique that does no provoke rejection by users. Aside from that, the final shopping decision will also come conditioned by the prices of the offered products and services, even more so in the competitive online market. Because of that, as a final tip, we recommended that B2B businesses implement price comparison systems that track the prices of competition and adjust themselves to the changes in the market to improve their cost effectiveness. 

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Angela de la Vieja
Content Manager
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