How the new WhatsApp Business button can boost online shopping

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WhatsApp Business has created a new button that will take users directly to the sales catalogue in all of its business accounts. So, with no intermediate steps, the customers of any eCommerce business that use the WhatsApp Business app will be able to switch from their conversation with the retailer to the online store. This feature facilitates and incentivises sales by improving the shopping experience for consumers. This button is already available all over the world with an icon that resembles a shop window. To get the most out of it, all you have to do is perform the appropriate price optimisation that will attract customers once they’ve arrived at your catalogue of prices and services. 

How to activate the WhatsApp Business shopping button

To be able to enable this new shopping button in your chats with customers, you should be registered with WhatsApp Business and need to configure your catalogue of products and services in the application. The button will automatically appear in the next app update.

At the user level, those interested in the products offered by an eCommerce business should open their chat with the store and click on the button that they’ll find in the top right corner, next to the call button. Since users are already familiar with the locations of the different buttons in WhatsApp, it won’t be difficult for them to find. This will allow customers to directly contact your eCommerce business from a single application, through voice or video call, and complete their purchases. In addition, the customers will receive the details of their order in the same WhatsApp chat, without having to change apps.

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Benefits of the WhatsApp shopping button

According to data published by Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp messenger, there are currently more than 175 million people that use WhatsApp to communicate with businesses every day. These figures show that it has become a regular channel for customer service and that it has an extensive reach within various target audiences. Thanks to this, it’s possible to improve the accessibility of eCommerce websites, reach a public that is less accustomed to using technology, and expand your sales opportunities

At the same time, this new button facilitates the digital transformation of small businesses whose websites are less optimised, if at all. For them, using WhatsApp comes at a very small price when compared with the benefits of offering better customer service. At the same time, creating a professional profile with a direct link to your catalogue of products projects a more professional image of the company, generates greater trust, and allows the conversion rate to increase, with the consequent increase in sales.

In general, WhatsApp Business offers small- and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to implement new features at a very low cost, like, for example, designing dynamic pricing campaigns thanks to the possibility of creating groups and segmenting users according to their characteristics.

It’s estimated that Facebook will charge companies that are registered with WhatsApp Business a small commission for using this service. If this happens, each eCommerce business will need to evaluate the suitability of its use based on the different communication channels they’ve established for their target audience and the profit margins that affect their different pricing strategies. To make this analysis easier, you could use a pricing suite in which you can combine the most relevant KPIs from the eCommerce website to facilitate decision making.

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