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Push notifications, the new user-tailored ads

Despite the enormous amount of information users receive each day, push notifications have the power to capture their attention and direct them to your eCommerce business. We consider push notifications to be the instant messages received on our mobile devices for commercial purposes, ranging from WhatsApp messages to notifications within a specific app or SMS. This is a very effective tool for attracting new customers and for gaining their loyalty. Why? Because of its wide degree of... + read more

Minderest included in the prestigious list of the 1000 fastest-growing European companies

We’re very pleased to announce that Minderest, the first Spanish price intelligence company, has been selected as one of the fastest-growing European companies. This annual list, drawn up by the Financial Times in collaboration with Statista, gathers the 1000 European companies with the highest growth rates, requiring a minimum annual growth of 38.4% to be selected.  For the first time, Minderest has been featured at number 646 in the ranking, with a growth of 260% from... + read more

Key emails that you can’t leave out of your sales process

It’s been more than proven that email marketing is a powerful tool for eCommerce sales. But you should be clear about what types of emails you send and when in order to encourage a good conversion rate. Given that the estimated open rate for commercial emails in Spain lies between 30 and 40%, we’ll explain what emails must be included in your sales process to increase the profits of your online business. Emails to attract users: generating interest To attract new... + read more

Search engines: what we can learn from the Spotlight system

The statistics don’t lie. Having a powerful search engine will increase your conversion rate and sales percentage. The internal search engine on your website will help clients find what they’re looking for. For that, having a quick and intuitive search engine is key to improving the satisfaction of the users that enter your eCommerce business. One way to achieve this is to follow in the footsteps of the Spotlight system, Apple’s internal search engine, which is installed on... + read more

Finding the best price for your products with A/B testing

Establishing a good pricing strategy is one of the most complicated steps when launching new products to the market. What prices will give the best return? How will I know if they’re in the market? Will I be able to attract more general users or others that are highly prepared for purchase? By using A/B testing, it’s possible to resolve these doubts and to establish a pricing policy that will guarantee the success of your new products and services. Even though this type of test is... + read more