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How to use WhatsApp to generate sales in your eCommerce business

WhatsApp is one of the applications that we’re most familiar with, but are we really getting the most out of it? The answer is no. If you have an eCommerce business and your public tends to use this application, it could be a very interesting way to increase your online sales. The first step that you’ll have to take is to download WhatsApp Business, the business-specific version of the app. This platform has mobile and desktop versions available for both Android and iOS. It... + read more

Affiliation within an eCommerce business: is this a new way to earn income in your online store?

An eCommerce business is much more than simply the products included in its catalogue. As an online store, it has a wide range of options available to increase its profits. One of these extras is sales by affiliation. For an eCommerce business, affiliation can be understood in two ways. It’s as much of a new sales channel for your own products on other websites as well as a resource to increase revenue through the sale of services outside of your own eCommerce business. The most... + read more

3 uses for your pricing software that you didn’t know about: stock, distributor, and marketing monitoring

When we talk about price monitoring in an online store, we usually tend to talk about the idea of dynamic pricing, a strategy that’s increasingly being implemented by eCommerce businesses, allowing them to optimise their prices based on the market situation at that moment. To carry out these types of strategies, technology is a fundamental pillar. It’s thanks to this technology that all kinds of actions can be monitored and automated through pricing software. These solutions allow... + read more

How are multi-device eCommerce sales evolving?

Online sales already comprise a large percentage of the purchases made in our day to day. This is an inescapable reality. Marketplaces, eCommerce businesses, and brands that sell directly through the web have doubled their efforts to make this a much stronger sales channel, taking a decisive step towards understanding the purchases of tomorrow, which isn’t very far away at all. To this mass of purchases, we must add the remaining factors surrounding online stores and digital... + read more

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, how to deal with Christmas sales?

The sales hangover continues to weigh on us. And, as if dealing with the constant offers of mid-season sales weren’t enough, days like Black Friday have come to extend their shadow over the long-awaited Christmas season. And this, like everything else, puts eCommerce businesses in a new position of watchfulness that requires nothing more than preparing their online store for what’s coming, taking advantage of the maximum opportunities. If we were to make a timeline of the... + read more