Are users looking for unlimited choices or do they prefer a selection of products?

Selection of products
La elección del tamaño del catálogo del ecommerce en base a las necesidades e intereses de los públicos objetivos es una decisión clave para su éxito. Las diferentes alternativas cuentan con ventajas e inconvenientes. En primera instancia, sabemos que un catálogo extenso ofrece ilimitadas opciones de compra a los usuarios, opciones que no son viables en una tienda física, pero esto puede provocar que la navegación se eternice y la... + read more

How COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of B2B eCommerce globally

Ecommerce Covid19
The COVID-19 pandemic has made many B2B companies decide to set up eCommerce businesses and move their business to the online market. This decision is conditioned by the changes that the health crisis has provoked in the rate of digitisation and users’ shopping habits. There has been a very notable increase in the volume of online sales carried out during the months of the pandemic, which has meant that suppliers have had to respond to a much greater demand than in previous periods. Faced... + read more

What is lead scoring and how can I calculate it?

Lead Scoring
Lead scoring is a technique included within inbound marketing whose objective is to rate leads based on their relationship with the eCommerce. This allows you to measure the interest shown by leads or potential customers in a database organised by brand, image, and the products or services that are offered. You can also identify more easily where each consumer is in the buying process. This technique will help you to get to know your buyer persona better and, at the same time, design more... + read more

Premium pricing: what is it and how can it be applied?

premium pricing
The premium pricing strategy is based on setting prices that are above the average market value for products considered to be valuable or luxury. The objective for those eCommerce businesses that use premium pricing is to position certain items as higher quality or unique, appealing to their customers’ emotions. Their effectiveness is based on the perception that users have of the brand or product. We can find the clearest examples of this in electronics, jewellery, and sports clothing or... + read more

Keys to transforming an offline business into an online one

Transforming an offline business into an online one
The digital transformation of your business is a key step in expanding your sales channels, reaching a wider audience, and progressively increasing profits. The transition from an offline business to an online one doesn’t have to involve a big investment. It’s simply necessary to have a series of resources, services, and software available with which to build an eCommerce business with a strong brand image. You should also be aware that an online business requires a more dynamic... + read more