What’s the EAN code?

EAN code
The EAN code is a 13-digit bar code used internationally to identify each product in an eCommerce store. While it was originally only used in Europe, it’s now used in all countries around the world, except for the USA and Canada where the 12-digit UPC is used. The EAN code allows you to obtain valuable information about your own products and those of your competition quickly and easily. With this, you can optimise your stock management or improve your competitiveness, for example. To do... + read more

How to create the perfect landing page

Landing page
A good landing page is a key tool to ensure that your connection with potential customers ends in conversion. How can you perfectly complement the success of your eCommerce product catalogue? We’re going to give you the Minderest keys for building a landing page that will succeed in sales. What kinds of landing pages are there?

How to establish a value-based pricing strategy

 Value-based pricing strategy
Value-based pricing strategies centre on your potential customers’ perception of the product to set the prices. How can you adopt this pricing strategy in your eCommerce catalogue? Is it the most suitable for your products? 7 components of the value-based pricing method

Price discrimination: the most common examples

Price discrimination
Price discrimination is the embodiment of price intelligence since it uses machine learning along with the characteristics and pre-purchase behaviour of the users to determine what price will be shown. What benefits does this offer and what examples can your eCommerce business follow? What does a price discrimination strategy consist of?

What are the 10 most effective marketing strategies for retaining customers?

Marketing strategies
Customer loyalty aims to convert the occasional users of an eCommerce business into regular customers that are confident in the virtues of the brand, To be successful at retaining your users, you should apply the marketing strategies that best suit the type of online shop you have and your sales objectives. A good loyalty campaign, integrated into your pricing strategy, will allow you to increase your revenue and achieve better positioning with respect to the competition. We, at Minderest... + read more