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5 pricing strategies to sell more in your eCommerce business

There are many pricing strategies out there. There are almost as many strategies in online stores as there are objectives and consumer profiles to target. The best pricing strategy for each eCommerce business will depend on many factors, but some offer guaranteed effectiveness, as long as they suit the criteria of your audience and the status of your eCommerce business.  The objective of all these pricing strategies is to improve the profits of your eCommerce business, regardless of the... + read more

What is a BOGO strategy and how can you implement it in your eCommerce?

At some time or another, you’ve probably heard of the famous BOGO strategy. “Buy one, get one free” is a promotion which offers the user a free product for the purchase of an item of greater or equal value. This is one of the most attractive price promotions for consumers in an eCommerce business. For that reason, all online stores that want to improve their conversion rates must include this in their catalogue of actions.  What advantages does a BOGO strategy offer... + read more

What to assess before starting to sell in a marketplace

Selling in a marketplace can be a great and beneficial opportunity for eCommerce businesses to expand their digital commerce since it satisfies one of their main objectives: increasing sales. But before choosing this option, do you know what it means to sell in one of these marketplaces? What is an online marketplace? To define it quickly, a marketplace is like a giant online store where different merchants can offer their products and services to the user. There are two types of... + read more

Optimise your checkout page to increase conversions

Of all the elements of an eCommerce business, the payment page or checkout page is one of the most important since this is where the conversions finally take place. This is the place where visitors become customers. The majority of reasons why a user doesn’t make it to the payment page and abandons their shopping cart happen on the checkout page, for example: very high shipping costs; needing to create an account to pay, lengthening the checkout process; insufficient... + read more

How to define an effective app marketing plan

The use of the internet on mobile phones is constantly increasing. It’s also the main method of browsing the internet par excellence. This is why having an app that takes advantage of these devices is essential. An app marketing plan is a process that will help you promote your phone app and achieve your planned objectives. To design your own application and achieve success, you must implement strategies that allow you to: promote your app and build your brand; increase... + read more