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New pricing strategies for 2019: Omnichannel and dynamic pricing

When talking about pricing strategies, we know that we must always have a clear understanding regarding current pricing trends.  These vary depending on the behaviour of the potential buyer, the incursion of new business models or the opening towards greater levels of competition. This is why it is necessary to discover and get to know new pricing strategies that allow each brand to differentiate itself, anticipate the wishes of its audience and be at the forefront of the market. In this... + read more

5 steps for preparing your online store for Christmas

Christmas may be to the retail trade what the summer season is to the hotel sector.  This also takes into account the rest of the sales campaigns that occur throughout the year, so this is the right time to take advantage of sales that will occur with almost 100% certainty.  In whatever case, within a digital market, it is essential to establish a sales and pricing strategy adapted to the idiosyncrasy of the sales channel and its own characteristics.  Perhaps Christmas is one of... + read more

Can a manufacturer maintain pricing strategies by location?

One of the major trends in marketing for the next few years is based on the provision of services by location.  The trend of geolocation is booming even for organic positioning ever since Google recently announced the improvement of search results based on the place from which the query was made.  In the same way, we already know that many retailers already apply geolocated pricing strategies in their eCommerce, or even within marketplaces such as Amazon.  However, when it comes... + read more

Product levels and premium users, how do they mesh in the pricing strategy?

Online businesses, both retail and suppliers of digital services, know that providing the user with the advantages of a premium profile is synonymous with online loyalty.  However, on many occasions, it seems that the necessarily demanding actions related to a premium service can disrupt a brand's pricing strategy.  In the same way that certain rules and figures are established when calculating how to make discounts and offers on products, it is essential to carefully reflect (... + read more

SEO and improving sales on Amazon?

Amazon is the king of online commerce.  This is one of the most absolute truths in internet sales.  As such, there is no manufacturer, vendor or brand that isn’t concerned when it comes to maximizing its sales via this marketplace. Meanwhile, SEO and web positioning lead to more than one marketer, those seeking to occupy the top positions of the SERP’s.  So, at the point where more than one topic come together, many still wonder if it is possible to actually do SEO... + read more