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When is the best time to shop on Black Friday?

Black Friday is approaching and with it comes the biggest marathon season for most eCommerce businesses and online stores. This will involve preparing the catalogue, marketing campaigns, advertising, and, above all, a well-defined pricing strategy that meets the demands of the market. Nothing is too small to achieve a good sales ratio during this time of year, but you mustn’t lose sight of other less intelligent factors, such as the time at which most users shop on Black Friday. Do... + read more

How to adapt your eCommerce business to the voice shopping

Voice shopping is already more than established in the digital environment. We’ve already commented in the past about how the trend of voice shopping would revolutionise the market, but this trend is now a reality that encompasses much more than one simple device. Voice shopping is going to change what we consider a normal way to use and interact with our devices today, making everything much more natural, efficient, and direct. Now, the great challenge of eCommerce business and... + read more

The keys to integrating a multi-currency system into your eCommerce business

A multi-currency pricing strategy is an indispensable element for online sales. It will allow you to sell online beyond the borders of your home country, without needing to overcome the psychological barriers that a buyer usually has when faced with fees or taxes. When internationalising an eCommerce business or selling directly to other markets, having a price strategy that can be scaled to different types of local currencies will allow you to achieve a better sales ratio. Above all, it... + read more

Pricing scale techniques for eCommerce businesses

When expanding or internationalising, one of the main challenges for an eCommerce business is how to scale the prices in its catalogue. We’ve already talked about the importance of this new localised pricing strategy and the need to adapt it to the online store’s target market. But there are so many other factors to consider when making this transition. By using price scaling techniques for your eCommerce business, you’ll be able to control the margin your store needs to... + read more

A guide to customer care in eCommerce businesses: strengthen the role of the online brand advisor

One of the pillars for developing your online business is customer service. The value that customers place on the support and help they receive in an online store is constantly increasing. Community managers, consultants, chatbots… A wide variety of options exist, but the key is finding the perfect combination to earn high ratings from your customers. This, in turn, will allow you to initiate a relationship of trust with your target audience – and maintain it. The customer... + read more