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Four tricks to optimise your advertising on Google Shopping

Google Shopping is already part of the advertising grid of more and more brands that sell online, either through direct sales or through different marketplaces. Experts in digital marketing and sales, via Google Shopping, are increasingly in demand by many companies, as the need to make better ads is now identified as being key. However, it is always worth considering what are the best practices to apply in this field, regardless of who runs and plans the ads themselves. There are certain... + read more

Maximise the sales of your star products by using dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing strategies are already part of the roadmap of the vast majority of online businesses with direct sales. However, once this type of price adjustment has been introduced to the market, there is a moment when growth apparently stagnates. It is time to start optimising the strategy. Part of optimising your dynamic pricing strategy is to maximise the sale of your flagship products. The so-called KVI (Key Value Items) and KVC (Key Value Categories) are those products and... + read more

Key dates in the price comparison calendar

When establishing a dynamic pricing strategy, it is essential to take into account the critical moments in which possible price changes will occur in our competitors. However, there is also a factor that retailers should not lose sight of, and that is to emphasise the dates in which the buying customers themselves compare prices online. In general, it is logical that both situations coincide. On one hand, the e-Commerce will guide its dynamic pricing strategy based on the dates in which it is... + read more

Price study between El Corte Inglés and Amazon Spain

Madrid, 28th May, 2019. El Corte Inglés, one of Europe’s leading department stores with over 75 years of experience in this sector, opted for an omnichannel strategy more than a decade ago and has since adapted and improved its digital strategy in online sales, especially after the arrival in Spain in 2011 of the American giants, Amazon. Both companies closed the year 2017 with an exceptional volume of online sales, with Amazon being the first online sales outlet in Spain... + read more

How to prepare catalogue changes if you are a manufacturer

A manufacturers catalogue and brands are what defines, among other variables, their possibilities of acceptance by both consumers and retailers who sell their products to the end customer. Hence, keeping it updated is extremely relevant. Catalogue changes by any brand must be a meticulously measured and detailed process so that none of the content is left without the necessary coverage. Changing a brand's online catalogue is usually as a response to the launching of a new product or the... + read more