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Competitor price monitoring software for retailers

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Price, promotions and stock monitoring

Monitor price, promotions and stock of your competitors in any country, currency or online shop, on a daily basis. You can monitor an e commerce competitor directly, price comparative websites like Google Shopping, Idealo or even individual merchants in a marketplace like Amazon or eBay. Discover how competitive your prices are, identifying where you are dearer or cheaper, being able to adjust your prices to increase your sales and profits. Our price monitoring software also allows you to monitor the shipping costs and delivery times of each competitor, helping your to decide on a global pricing strategy for your company.

Price, promotions and stock monitoring

Data history

Thanks to our unlimited data history you will be able to see the conduct of price and stock in your products, brands and categories, medium to long term among your competitors. By analysing the price evolution over time you can discover which price strategy each of your competitors apply, which companies monitor each other and with what profit margin.

Price history of your competitors

InSite™ Analytics

Visualise price and stock information in your own e commerce or that of any competitor. InSite offers you an intuitive pricing software to help you construct your pricing strategies in the environment that you know best; your own e commerce. For each online shop you will become acquainted with our colour map, which will help you determine the cheap or dear price perception of your clients.

Competitors prices in your Ecommerce


Over 20 configurable graphs at your disposal within the most complete pricing dashboard in the market. Designed by retail and pricing experts, you will be able to analyse any relevant data for strategic decision making. Visualise among other graphs; your competitor´s gross margins, how many novelties they incorporate each month, how dynamic their prices are, what percentage of availability they have or how many prices they update daily.

Analysis of competitor´s prices

Alerts and reports

Configure unlimited alerts and reports that will notify you by email when price, product or stock changes are produced in your competition, allowing you to filter the results with our advanced filters. Design your own reports defining which fields you wish to export and with what frequency, disposing of as many reports as you need from our report manager.

Optimization of CPC campaigns

By using our personalised form function you can export lists that contain only those products in which you are competitive and therefore that are interesting for you to bid in the CPC campaigns (Adwords, Google Shopping, price comparison websites, etc.). Thanks to this function you will be able to optimise your investment in these channels, concentrating only on bids of the products that obtain a larger profit.

Data export and API

You can export information from our pricing software in CSV or XLSX format with just one click. For more advanced integrations we have a simple API that can easily connect your systems (ERP, BDD) to Minderest and directly fix in your e commerce the sales prices. You will have at your fingertips the same potential as large companies, like Amazon, so to design and execute a dynamic price strategy in real time.

Accurate matching

Minderest has the most advanced artificial algorithm for matching intelligence in the market, developed from the beginning by our team of engineers in direct collaboration with our clients. The precision and coverage of our matching algorithm has become our biggest strength and has managed to help us impose on our competitors in projects of the highest level for companies in the prestigious Global Fortune 500 list.

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