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Shein’s Amazon launch could pose a new threat to fashion brands due to the combined benefits both companies offer customers

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Shein’s Amazon launch could pose a new threat to fashion brands due to the combined benefits both companies offer customers. Today, China’s fashion and accessory e-commerce turnover exceeds 10,000 million dollars. This figure is expected to increase after it starts selling on Amazon as well. In this context, it is crucial for e-commerce businesses to monitor Shein’s prices on Amazon closely. We explain why and how to do it.

Benefits of monitoring Shein’s prices on Amazon 

Shein’s main competitive advantage is its low prices. Shein is now also able to have fast delivery times guaranteed by Amazon. The marketplace will be able to optimise Shein’s delivery times and increase customer satisfaction rates. 

Monitoring prices closely on Shein’s portal and Amazon will help you adapt your pricing to these changes in the market and strengthen your competitive position. Monitoring Shein’s prices will also allow you to: 

  • Build a consistent pricing strategy without being forced to slash prices to follow Shein’s lead, with the consequent risk of losses. 
  • Stay one step ahead of other sellers’ moves, such as Shein, especially at key moments like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 
  • Offer your customers personalised offers that stand out head and shoulders above competitors’ prices and increase your market share. 
  • Find out what products Shein offers and how it categorises and advertises them to different target markets. 

In addition to monitoring and checking Shein’s prices on Amazon, it is vital that you assess your brand’s presence in marketplaces. This will help expand your sales channels, give your products greater visibility, and help you cope with these new players in the market. Beyond Amazon, you can assess which marketplace your audience is most present in, or which has the most appropriate conditions for your sales. In this Minderest post about the best fashion marketplaces, we brief you on several options.


A tool for proper price monitoring 

Price monitoring on Amazon can be done quickly, efficiently, and easily with pricing software. The most advanced systems allow you to track the prices, promotions, and stock of any competitor, anywhere in the world, in their e-commerce and in marketplaces like Amazon. Armed with this information, you can optimise your prices to make them more attractive to consumers without reducing your profit margin. This will boost the brand or retailer’s growth.

Minderest’s price monitoring system is so precise that it allows the matching of identical products for price comparison. It also facilitates matching similar or white-label products that are useful to have on your radar. All this information is displayed in simple graphs to help optimise decision-making.

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