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Optimising business processes allows eCommerce businesses to make their investments in the sales area profitable and supports business growth. Business processes refer to those steps or stages that must be followed to close a sale, from lead acquisition to after-sales service and customer loyalty. So, this acceleration will go hand-in-hand with a higher conversion rate and greater profits. For it to be effective, the optimisation of business processes should be accompanied by an appropriate pricing and marketing strategy and should also evolve according to changes in the market, such as fluctuations in demand or the prices of the competition. If you’re looking to improve and accelerate your business processes, we, at Minderest, recommend following these tips when managing your eCommerce business:

  • gain your potential customers’ trust
  • provide information about prices and sale conditions
  • create personalised offers
  • optimise your search engine
  • assess your logistics systems

Gain your potential customers’ trust

For customers, their purchase decision will be quicker and easier if they trust the brand. To do this, taking care of your corporate identity and showing the credentials of the team at all times are key, along with the company’s contact details. You can also build trust using social media posts, influencer marketing, and testimonials from other satisfied buyers

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Provide information about prices and sale conditions 

Along the same lines as the previous piece of advice, we recommend providing users with all of the relevant data about each of your products and services from the very first moment: price, shipping costs, delivery times, conditions for return, etc. Small print generates mistrust in consumers and slows down the purchase decision. Even if you design a special discount campaign, the price should never be a surprise element for your customers. You can use it as a lure instead.

Create personalised offers 

Through good segmentation of your customers, you can send personalised offers, through email or push notifications, with products that you know will interest your different audiences. This is how you can increase their chances of purchase, which is even more true if the prices are attractive. 

Limited-time offers

Along with personalising offers, you can establish certain campaigns with flash or limited-time offers. These types of deals result in customers having a more powerful and automatic reaction to the products on display, due to their exclusivity. This could be the last nudge they need to decide on purchasing a certain product or service.

Optimise your search engine

A high percentage of users enter eCommerce websites to search for specific items. To keep them from leaving and increase your conversion rate, you must have a powerful search engine: a tool with artificial intelligence that allows for searches based on context and responds to the users’ search intentions. You’ll find one good example of this in Spotlight, Apple’s search engine. This won’t only close sales faster, but will also reduce customer service time. 

Assess your logistics systems 

Shipping and product distribution also form part of the business processes in an eCommerce store. In this sense, the established logistics system should be able to respond to the needs of your customers and meet any deadlines that are guaranteed during the purchase process. Delayed shipment or poor delivery conditions could result in the loss of the customer.

Finally, if the structure of your eCommerce business allows it, the different steps in the business process should be automated to save the team time and speed up decision making. One way to implement automated processes can be achieved by installing repricing software that automatically adapts the prices of different products and services to the needs of the market. These are applications with self-learning capabilities that increase the company’s productivity. 

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Angela de la Vieja
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