What is repricing and when have I to apply it?

Repricing is no more than the effect to apply dynamic pricing techniques above the price of a product or service. In particular, repricing refers to the change or actualisation of a price that has been previously determined by a dynamic pricing algorithm. When is it appropriate to use repricing? The answer is in high competitive markets, and/or in those sectors where the price is a key element for the client. A common example of use is the job developed by traders who work in marketplaces,... + read more

Catalogue intelligence applied to ecommerce

An essential part in the creation of an ecommerce is the catalogue selection, which will be always available for sales. The first question that arises is, which products should I attach to my catalogue? The ideal answer should be, “those products for which there is a demand and my cost price allow me to be competitive in the market”. To discover which products satisfy this condition, we will have to make use of those catalogue techniques that could give us an answer. Let´s... + read more

Optimizing profit by Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing is a pricing strategy designed to use flexible prices depending on market offer and demand. This technique is known in certain industries such as Flight booking, in which prices change depending on certain issues such as booking in advance and available sits. The mentioned strategy is not exclusive on the airline industry, and it can be used in other many industries like retail. The first retailer applying this strategy is Amazon, which achieved a great increase in profit by... + read more

Competitive pricing analysis for textile and fashion

As it is well known, price is a transversal element which directly affects the clients´ buying decision. Regardless of being a common element, the pricing management differs considerably depending on the different industries, mainly because of product particularities. The fashion or textile industry is a good example of this pricing specialization. Are two different stores clothes comparable? Still comparing the same type of cloth, the answer is no, due to the great differences that may... + read more

Competition novelties under control

An e commerce catalogue keeps changing all the time and it is frequent that in one month some hundreds of products are either added or removed. New brands, new product types, discontinued products, etc. en e commerce catalogue must be alive if one wants to be competitive. Along these lines, What steps is my competition taking in terms of managing its catalogue? In Minderest we have developed the first solution to analyse and manage competition product catalogues. We answer the following... + read more