Saint Valentine’s Day, always a good opportunity

V-Day is looming, a long-awaited date for all and also a good occasion for the eCommerce. According the study conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics, it is forecasted the average consumer expense that day will be the highest in last years. Furthermore, 25% of them will buy online, which means an increase of 4% regarding 2014 (The US department of Commerce). This is, therefore, a key date where market competitiveness increase and which could be assumed as a big opportunity for our business... + read more

Compare your prices with Shopmania

Shopmania, Google Shopping, Ciao and Kelkoo amongst others, take part of the most known price comparators for final clients. A great number of ecommerce sales come from a previous comparison in these platforms.  The flow is as follows: A client interested in a single product accesses to Shopmania to localise stores that commercialise with it. After searching, Shopmania shows the price and stores comparison where the client can find the product. The client makes his... + read more

Monitor products with attributes in your competition

In some ecommerce areas, it is usual to find products which have different attribute variations (combinations). The final price of the product can change in relation to these attributes, as it occurs in webpages which sell pet’s products, nautical, etc. We keep improving everyday our price monitoring software, and for this reason, we announce you that we can now motorise different prices for the same product, relating each one of your combinations with the equivalent in the company.... + read more

How to avoid losing sales with a competitive strategy in Dynamic Pricing

Manage the online catalogue of an e-commerce is a complex task which requires great resources of time and money.  By management we understand: Choice of brands and products. Obtain product photographs. Denominate the product (name). Description of the product. Election of the sale price. From the previous characteristics, obtaining of the product photos, the denomination and the description of the product can be considered statics. This means that while the product does... + read more

Compare your prices with Kelkoo

Kelkoo is one of the most popular price comparator in Europe. Usually, the client accesses to kelkoo to compare the price of a product amongst numerous stores before acquiring it. Visiting a unique website, the client has the advantage to know the price, stock and shipping costs of several stores that are commercialising it. In short, Kelkoo simplifies the purchase process of the final client. On the other hand, the ecommerces invest in kelkoo publicity to appear in the range of compared... + read more