Spy competitors’ prices

Spy or monitor competitors' prices consists in obtaining every 24 hours our main competition selling prices. In ecommerce it is of vital importance that online shops obtain acces to this information in order to carry out wining price strategies. How can we set our price strategy if we don´t know our competirors´? With Mindert´s Price Tracker you will be aware of your competitors´ price and stock changes, as you will receive in your e mail those changes which will... + read more

Dynamic Pricing, What is it? How can I implement it in my ecommerce?

Dynamic pricing is a term which is more and more present on ecommerce manager´s vocabulary, but, what does it mean? How can we implement it in our business? We can define Dynamic Pricing as the mechanism used to set prices which may vary depending on offer and demand. This concept, known as well as price intelligence, has a clear goal: To maximise e commerce profits, adapting prices to market requirements. The main factors to take into account for Dinyamic Pricing are clients interest on... + read more

Textile industry success case study: Competition analysis and price optimization

We are glad to present a success case study in an industry we had never worked for before. We are talking about the textile industry, a really complex world when it comes to analysing competition, mainly because of the great variety of manufacturers, models, similar products and the concept of size. Success case study in competition analysis  Industry: Textile. Target: E-commerce. Client number of products: Up to 2500. Number of competitors: Up to 5. Plan: Professional.... + read more

Your competitors´ price changes in your email

How much time do on-line stores spend in monitoring competitors ‘prices? And specially, why reviewing the whole product set when only a few hundred of products may have change its stock or  price? This and other questions are given a solution in Minderest, by automating the price and stock change notification by e mail. It´s as simple as receiving a daily summary of those of your products, also be found in your competition, who´s price or stock have been modified. You... + read more

Price monitoring tools, 5 clues to choose the right software

When it comes to choose an ecommerce price monitoring software, we must take into account certain aspects which assure power, scalability and information quality. Here you are five points to assess in order to take the right decision: 1. Scalability: will the tool resist monitoring thousands of products and tens of competitors? The tool must allow our commerce growth, and not become outdated overtime. 2. On the cloud: desk top solutions are no longer adequate because of its low power and also... + read more