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Guerrilla marketing: increase your eCommerce sales

Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on carrying out marketing actions in unconventional mediums. Its principal objective is to reach the largest number of people possible. This technique has a low cost but can have great reach, which is why companies that want to increase their popularity often implement this strategy.  This type of advertising action takes advantage of the element of surprise. Its goal is to surprise people during their daily routines. To be... + read more

The keys to creating purchase momentum in your eCommerce business

Increasing sales in an eCommerce business has become a very difficult task for retailers. Nowadays, the majority of consumers often think about whether they really need the product that they’ve added to their cart. You must identify all of the motives that cause consumers to not complete their purchase. Once identified, you need to implement effective actions to get your customers to make their purchases in your eCommerce store. An impulse purchase occurs when a consumer... + read more

How to reduce product returns

Product returns are one of the most important issues facing eCommerce businesses. More than having to return the money, the problem with returns is that they imply additional costs for the eCommerce business. In addition, the returned items can sometimes not be sold again.  It’s a fact that shipping costs are a decisive factor when purchasing an item. Nowadays, clients even expect eCommerce businesses to be able to offer free shipping as well as zero-cost returns. These services... + read more

The elasticity of demand as a key indicator in your pricing strategy

When defining the most adequate pricing strategy for your catalogue of products and services, the elasticity of demand should always be your ally. The elasticity of demand allows you to know and analyse the behaviour of your customers when faced with a price change, facilitating decision making and favouring an increase in profits. This is an indicator that each eCommerce business should analyse continuously throughout the year since the success of new product launches or dynamic pricing ... + read more

Why is Apple launching a mid-range smartphone?

The Apple brand has been easily recognisable everywhere since it first hit the market with its innovative products. It’s always been perceived by consumers as a luxury brand that sells high-end products. The innovation offered by each of its products is the differentiating characteristic that has allowed Apple to set such elevated prices, giving off an image of high quality and exclusivity since not everyone can afford its products. On April 17, Apple released a new smartphone: the... + read more