Is it possible to have an eCommerce business without shipping costs?

 eCommerce without shipping costs
Yes, it’s possible to eliminate shipping costs in an eCommerce business, but you’ll need to study the practicality of this in detail to avoid any loss of profits. While free shipping is a good incentive for users, the company must be able to cover distribution costs while meeting the objectives that have been set. To do this, before eliminating shipping costs, it’s a good idea for eCommerce businesses to study the different options they can offer and monitor their own... + read more

How to analyse your competition, step by step

Analyse your competition
Analysing the competition is essential for the optimisation of sales in eCommerce businesses since it allows them to anticipate changes in the market. When you know the strategies that the competition is using, it’s much easier to maintain competitive prices. To achieve this, the first step is to enable an automated system for monitoring the competition. You need a tool with the capacity for self-learning, with which you can continuously analyse the prices and stock of competing... + read more

How the new WhatsApp Business button can boost online shopping

WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp Business has created a new button that will take users directly to the sales catalogue in all of its business accounts. So, with no intermediate steps, the customers of any eCommerce business that use the WhatsApp Business app will be able to switch from their conversation with the retailer to the online store. This feature facilitates and incentivises sales by improving the shopping experience for consumers. This button is already available all over the world with an icon that... + read more

LTL and FTL: how to choose the perfect logistics system for your eCommerce business

Logistica, LTL y FTL
The acronyms LTL and FTL refer to the two possible modes of transport and distribution for your eCommerce products by land. Both systems offer benefits to the seller, but each retailer must choose which strategy is best for product transport and freight to increase productivity, reduce costs, and speed up shipments. Here at Minderest, we’ll explain what the LTL and FTL logistics models are, along with the differences between them. We’ll help you design the most appropriate... + read more

Make your eCommerce business more competitive during the Christmas campaign

Ecommerce Christmas.
During the Christmas campaign, eCommerce businesses need to adjust their pricing strategies to fit market demand in order to optimise their sales and attract customers. After a month full of sales and discount campaigns, retailers need to prepare for a Christmas that’s more digital than ever and work on making shopping easier for both regular and new customers. To do this, they should adapt their pricing strategies, which will be more effective with the help of a pricing suite, ... + read more