Minderest celebrates 5 years

Dear Blog readers, In June we will be celebrating our first 5 years. We have grown a lot since we started in 2012, but above all, what motivates us to continue working is knowing that the first companies to place their trust in Minderest are still on board. Today, ten of the twenty-five largest retailers in Europe use Minderest, demonstrating the high levels of demand we have been able to achieve. With a team of 20 professionals we work for more than 200 clients from 15 different sectors. It... + read more

Why have my products stopped selling?

This is a question that many ecommerce ask themselves. A product with frequent sales suddenly stops selling for no apparent reason. This is not due to a loss of demand, because until a few days ago sales remained constant, there is no problem with their availability, because the product is in stock and ready to buy on the website. So what happened? In most cases, the answer to this question is very simple; we are no longer competitive. Prices in the online world are constantly changing, today... + read more

What are our ecommerce buying habits?

When launching an ecommerce there are many aspects to take into account, from the type of product to be offered to the design of the online store, through to the allocation of prices. And do not forget the customer, because many of the decisions that are made before launching an online store depend directly on the tastes of potential customers. And what are the online shopping habits of the Spanish consumer? It is imperative to know what we are looking for, what expectations we have in an... + read more

Which is the biggest Amazon in the World?

The anecdote about Amazon and its well-known name, Jeff Bezos, its founder, wanted to baptize his project with a name that reflected its enormous size, and so decided on Amazon, the South American river, the widest of the world, so wide that the next on in order of size is remarkably less distance.  Today we will analyse the size of Amazon in the different countries in which it operates to discover how big it is and which are the countries in which its bet in assortment is greater. To do... + read more

How to define your pricing strategy during sales

To maintain the interest of its users, an ecommerce has to readjust its pricing strategy according to the actions of its competitors. And, of course, there are also occasional seasons in which you must change your prices, for example during sales. In sale campaigns the impression caused on potential customers by discounts greatly influences the purchase decision. And on many occasions, the brands, anxious to stand out among the others, make abrupt changes in prices that, later on, cause more... + read more