How manufacturers should act to protect their pricing policies

Manufacturers face major challenges in maintaining their pricing policy in the digital environment. They define various pricing policies to ensure that the brand image and perceived value of their products is maintained consistently at all points of contact. But in the digital environment, with its dynamics and speed, establishing pricing policies with distributors and ensuring that these agreements are met are two very different things.  Price policy and legal issues Pricing policies... + read more

The key to a dynamic pricing strategy

The idea of ​​dynamic prices is as simple but potential: adjust prices to demand. Dynamic pricing strategies are not new, since the 1980s airlines have used this way of fixing prices for their tickets. Of course, we must not forget that these pioneers of dynamic prices defined according to the demand worked with computer systems very advanced for that time. A dynamic pricing strategy for an ecommerce starts from the same source, that is, react to demand to modify prices to maximize sales and... + read more

How to spot unauthorized sellers of a brand

This is undoubtedly one of the main concerns for brands and manufacturers. Building a distribution channel is a really hard task, first you have to make a selection of distributors, and then agree on a sales strategy; Discounts, recommended prices, launches, graphic materials, etcetera. After this arduous work, it is frustrating to discover the existence of unauthorized distributors in the network, that is to say, companies which the brand does not have record of, and in some cases they can... + read more

Three opportunities for improvement in manufacturers' pricing policy

The purchase of products through the internet has meant a huge opportunity for manufacturers and product distributors. Thanks to new digital channels, such as marketplaces or ecommerce, many manufacturers have succeeded in getting their products to reach more people and to the most remote corners of the planet. The challenges of a digital ecosystem that moves at the speed of vertigo are increasing, and even more so for those classic retail sectors, that travel as fast as they can their way... + read more

Minderest and Capgemini sign a partnership

Capgemini, a leading consult company, and Minderest, the first Spanish pricing company, sign an agreement to boost their customers' competitiveness by integrating Minderest's solution into retailers and manufacturers' production chain. Through this agreement, companies can benefit from a full integration of the information collected by Minderest allowing them to make intelligent pricing and stock decisions that will boost their sales and profits. About Capgemini: With more than... + read more