Trends in ecommerce that can change the rules of the game

Everything indicates that electronic commerce will maintain its growth rate. And predictions such as that of the Forrester Research consultancy assure that we are very close to online sales surpassing the physical ones. The consequences for the players of electronic commerce are very positive, since the online sale sector grows 23% each year. But the challenges are also important, and competition for consumers will be increasingly tougher. To keep up this competitive pace, ecommerce must look... + read more

How to synchronize a supplier's catalogue with a Price Intelligence tool

Whenever we talk about the main uses of Price Intelligence tools, we do it in terms of competition, but there is also a great unknown benefit; the synchronization of our catalogue with suppliers. In many cases, the assortment information that vendors make available to retailers is very poor, so that it is only manually possible to download and import such information, and sometimes there is no way to export it, and everything must be done in detail. With an advanced Price Intelligence tool, we... + read more

Why and how to monitor prices if you are an ecommerce

85% of online shoppers compare different ecommerce prices before deciding which product to purchase. For digital buyers buying online means buying, it's as simple as that. Therefore, if the prices of your ecommerce are not similar or better than those of your direct competition, the sale will be for your competitor, it´s that simple. Understanding this competitive scenario is a very powerful reason to monitor the prices of your competition, it is essential to understand the ecosystem... + read more

Three reasons why it is interesting for a manufacturer to have an online store

On many occasions we assume that all brands have taken the step towards e-commerce, however this is still very far from the reality. For example, luxury brands are still reluctant to sell online, because they believe that they cannot get online that experience of exclusivity that they do get through the physical stores. It may be a compelling reason, however the pressure to increase the volume of the business is getting some of these brands to begin the process, slowly but steadily. This... + read more

What are 'catalogue insights?'

Creating a distribution channel is one of the most difficult tasks that a company faces. An indispensable task, on the other hand, since the distribution channel is the way for the manufacturers products to reach the final consumer. But if distribution is a key activity for marketing, online sales have added complexity to this activity, both in the creation of the distribution network and in monitoring or management of the same. Unlike the pre-internet era, digital channels are more exposed.... + read more