How much does price influence in online shopping?

As consumers, we know that one of the main factors that influences us at the time of buying a product is the price. We constantly try to find the most attractive offer, which meets all the requirements we seek at the best possible price. But is it the only thing we have in mind when making an online purchase? From the retailers point of view, the most widespread belief is that the absolute value of the price is the only factor that interests the customers, that the cheaper the product, the... + read more

How big is Amazon´s Marketplace?

The large assortment is one of the keys to success in ecommerce, and it is certainly one of the strengths of Amazon. Getting a large catalogue is a very expensive job, as it involves spending thousands of hours both on the search for new products and on the platform. For this reason many ecommerce choose to create a marketplace within their platforms so that the sum of thousands of vendors allow them to be able to create an extensive catalogue. Amazon is probably one of the largest... + read more is 14% dearer than in technology

One of the most looked after factors by retailers is the perception of economic prices. The objective is to make the consumer presuppose competitive prices and to shop without having to continuously compare prices. This perception may just be an impression if we contrast it with objective data. Who is cheaper, Amazon or Fnac? Below, we will show you a price analysis done on technology articles. On the the April 2017, we performed a random sample of 1,338 products in stock for the technology... + read more

5 price mistakes to avoid in your ecommerce

One of the most important challenges in an ecommerce is to fix adequate prices to the products in each moment. Valuing together the product costs, their value and the competitor prices can be a more complicated task than it seems. Its obvious that for fixing product prices for your eccomerce, first you need a pricing strategy adjusted to the characteristics and objectives of your online shop. However, at the time of executing it, there are 5 errors that many ecommerce commit again and again,... + read more

3 reasons to match on and off line Price policy

Ecommerce has only been about a few decades and it is already revolutionising the commercial world as we know it. It is understandable that in spite of being different channels, there are many elements in common, but the question is, To what extent should they both come together to support each other instead of competing? One of the main dispute points is precisely the price, should it be the same or different? Let’s look at three argument to unify our price policy and with them take a... + read more