5 price mistakes to avoid in your ecommerce

One of the most important challenges in an ecommerce is to fix adequate prices to the products in each moment. Valuing together the product costs, their value and the competitor prices can be a more complicated task than it seems. Its obvious that for fixing product prices for your eccomerce, first you need a pricing strategy adjusted to the characteristics and objectives of your online shop. However, at the time of executing it, there are 5 errors that many ecommerce commit again and again,... + read more

3 reasons to match on and off line Price policy

Ecommerce has only been about a few decades and it is already revolutionising the commercial world as we know it. It is understandable that in spite of being different channels, there are many elements in common, but the question is, To what extent should they both come together to support each other instead of competing? One of the main dispute points is precisely the price, should it be the same or different? Let’s look at three argument to unify our price policy and with them take a... + read more

Get to know the future's Store by the hand of Minderest

What will physical retail be like in the next few years? Bidding on an important advance in ecommerce, traditional retail is faced with a challenge; evolve to adapt to a consumer profile that gets more and more demanding. During the 2017 eShow fair in Barcelona, a store from the future will be created, showing visitors the most innovating companies that will play important roles in the following years to come. Price and stock intelligence is without doubt one of the strongest points that... + read more

This is what happens when you don't monitor your competitors

On many occasions we have commented on the importance of Price to the consumer, based on studies about the main buying, abandoning shopping basket factors, etc. Today we will be a lot more visual, one simple capture of the price evolution of a smartphone will be used to help us understand the price wars that have emerged with the internet. The smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is one of the most popular models of the well-known Korean Brand, and as we can see in the image that illustrates this... + read more

Discover Price monitoring at the eShow in Barcelona 22-23 March

Competitor Price monitoring in ecommerce has become a must over the past few years. With Amazon and other big players appearing, the fight to get the best price has doubled, becoming essential the use of tools to optimise prices in ecommerce and minimise margin losses. Minderest, a pioneer company in Price Intelligence will be the company representing price monitoring at the ecommerce fair, The eShow in Barcelona on the 22nd and 23rd of March. You can visit us at stand 59 and also in the Price... + read more