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Minderest chosen as the best software solution 2016

For the second time in three years, Minderest has won the eAward for its category. We are very happy to verify the movement between our clients, who year after year express their satisfaction by giving us their vote. This vote of confidence motivates us to carry on improving and to concentrate on our main objective: help you to enhance your projects thanks to a winning price strategy. Thank you all very much for your support. The Minderest team.

Why reducing prices by 10% can lead you to bankruptcy

Managing Price strategies in any company is not an easy task; it is even more complicated in the online world where the dynamism and the price competition are notably higher. By using a simple example, we are going to explain how applying an incorrect pricing management can cause serious damage to the profit of your company and even lead you to bankruptcy. We will use for this example a virtual company called “PFD” (Pet Food Distribution) specialised in online sales of pet food, a... + read more

The 5 basics of a successful ecommerce

Whether we want to transform our physical store into e commerce or if we want to create a successful online store, just having a good idea is not enough, we should create a clear strategy focusing on the following 5 basics for any online project:   1. - Find the best market position Gary Herbert: “A hungry market will buy anything” Years ago the most important thing was to have a good idea and a good product. Now this is not enough, many fail because they put into play the... + read more

Is it important to analyse shipping costs when we compare prices?

The most advanced pricing intelligence software, like Minderest, allow you to compare, not only the price of the product, but also the shipping costs.  Before just focusing on the numbers, we should look further into this comparative to determine if we are measuring in the correct manner. There are various reasons as to which adding the shipping cost directly to the product price could be a big mistake, for example:   Different delivery times; 24h vs. 72h. Different... + read more

How to increase ROI in Google Shopping using Price intelligence software

Price comparatives like Google Shopping, Shopmania or Kelkoo can be good alliances for e commerce’s to attract qualified traffic to their portals as long as their prices are competitive. Not forgetting that the main use of these comparatives for consumers is to know which shops have the most economical prices. To gain a better return on investment (ROI) in Google Shopping without knowing the market price for a product can be very complicated, as we would have, on very few occasions, a... + read more