Four keys for Catalogue Intelligence

In today’s article we are going to reveal the four fundamental keys to build a competitive catalogue in ecommerce, it is as important to know our competitors offers as it is to know their range of products. One of the most useful tools in the competitive watch is a catalogue intelligence service that allows us to know in depth the complete range of our competitors’ products, to see what products they have and their availability. It is very important that this information is up to... + read more

Increase the conversion in Google Shopping by monitoring competitor’s prices

Google Shopping now a day is the main display of online shopping. We only have to write the name of a product in this popular search engine and we are shown instantly hundreds of results on where to buy it. The benefit of Google Shopping for consumers is very clear, find a product at the best price. The question is though; do we have an adequate pricing strategy to achieve profit from using Google Shopping? One of the main errors that retailers make when using comparison sites is to bid for... + read more

See you at the Internet World Fair held on the 7th and 8th of March

Minderest would like to invite you all to the international fair, Internet World celebrated in Munich on the 7th and 8th of March. Internet World is a popular fair specialised in the B2B world and more specifically on ecommerce where you can find leading tools and solutions in your sector. Minderest will be one of over 400 providers to attend the fair as an exhibitor, with our own stand located in Hall A6, number C148. Also, our KAM, Philipp Röckmann will be doing a lecture... + read more

How do you win the BuyBox on Amazon?

The answer to this question is simple: A formula that guarantees getting the BuyBox on Amazon does not exist. In fact, the algorithm of merchant selection is one of the best kept secrets by Amazon and with what the obtaining the optimised balance between sales and client satisfaction. By giving the BuyBox to the cheapest merchant would definitely cause more sales but on the other hand it would create a margin loss (and Amazon charges a percentage of that margin) and probably even a lesser... + read more

What you should never do with your prices before Black Friday

How to prepare a pricing strategy for Black Friday is talked about a lot, however, few analyses show what it is that we are supposed to do. This popular date can be a huge exit for our campaign or on the other hand a disaster, it all depends on how we prepare for it. There is an extended theory about false offers during Black Friday, for example, deliberate increase in prices weeks before so that the discounts applied are not really discounts. From Minderest we have shown year after year that... + read more