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Three pricing strategies for out of stock products

On many occasions e commerce managers forget about price strategies for out of stock products, when however there are many ways to better our visibility of prices on the Internet. In the worst cases we can find that they “freeze” the Price of the out of stock product until it is reactivated. This is the worst strategy because the market evolution could lower the Price considerably, while our ecommerce carries on showing the out dated Price which is now a lot higher, giving off a... + read more

How many times a day does Amazon change their prices?

This is without doubt one of the questions that we are most asked by our clients and because of that we are going to answer this today in our blog. In Amazon´s Ecommerce we can differentiate two parts; Amazon Store and Amazon Marketplace, each one following a different price strategy: Amazon Store: Amazon monitors a large part of the assortment that it commercialises directly from its ecommerce, and we are saying a large part as they don´t control absolutely all of their products... + read more

Five reasons why brands should monitor prices in their distribution channel

Manufacturers and brands are paying more and more attention to the online distribution channel, and retailers like Amazon are achieving that higher percentages of their sales are online. If for many years manufacturers have monitered the prices in the physical channel, whyuld they monitor the online channel? Today we will present to you 5 reasons why brands should start to monitor their products and prices of their online distribution: 1. Know what is happening with their prices:... + read more

Monitor competitor´s prices in Google Shopping

  In the last few years we have witnessed the appearance of numerous price comparatives, such as Kelkoo, Shopmania, Idealo and many others. Slowly but surely Google Shopping has grown thanks to, in some extent, the integration of their organic search; when a user searches for a product using Google, the platform interprets that this user would like to buy the item and so it shows as the first results a comparative of prices of those sellers inscribed in their publicity monitor. The large... + read more

Does my competition have the same prices in their physical shop as their online shop?

  This is a frequent question asked by the ecommerce manager of major retailers; are the physical and online prices identical? A priori, we could think that they are, as it is disappointing for the consumer to find different prices in the physical shop than what they had already seen online, but in reality this is the case on many occasions. For a physical shop it is very difficult on an operative level to unify the price politics of their online shop and each of their physical shops, as... + read more