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Minderest transforms into an Omni channel tool

  Over the past few years we have seen that a great part of the principal retailers are starting to opt for a joint strategy in ON and OFF channels. One of the main implications of this strategy is the price politics; should we have the same prices in our online shop as in our physical shop? This question, answered more and more with a positive yes, but the truth is that the major part of retailers that work in both channels have different price politics. This situation obliges retailers... + read more

Receive an alert when your competitors add a new product assortment to their catalogue

It is as important to have access to the competition´s product assortment as it is to know their prices. This way we can detect the new brands or new categories that they incorporate into their ecommerce, which allows us to determine new market opportunities. To simplify this task, we have incorporated a new brand, category and tag configurable alert system, so that when a competitor adds a new product assortment, if one of these filters apply, we receive an email alert notifying us with... + read more

MAP violations under control

One of the most complicated labours of manufacturers is controlling their distribution channels, mainly with respect to the fulfilment of the recommended prices. Manufacturers usually establish prices that are called MAP to indicate the minimum advertised price that the channel can use. These prices in reality are impossible to control due to the magnitude of the channel, and therefore they end up being violated and not respected. Frequently the situation is as follows; one retailer violates... + read more

Why manufacturers should monitor marketplaces?

Amazon, Rakuten, Pixmania, Fnac, they are known marketplaces where tens of thousands of small and medium businesses offer their products. The impact of marketplaces is growing, according to the "Ecommerce Foundation", it is estimated that by 2020 will represent  39% of all online retail sales. The importance this channel is taking requires manufacturers to begin to monitor them, as  they have been made with the traditional retail. The reasons? An increase in sales volume... + read more

Ensuring the success of discounts & sales of your e-commerce

We are already in bargains session, one of the key moments for retailers. Depending on the sector, only sales made during this period may equal the total income of many months of the year together. On line consumers, being aware of those important discounts becomes a real bargain-seeker, aimed to get the best possible discounts. Is our e-commerce prepared to apply a successful price policy? Given the importance of this period sales we must be sure to apply discounts attractive enough to... + read more