Bundle pricing: the advantages of a pack pricing strategy

Bundle pricing
Selling products as a pack is one of the most common eCommerce strategies of all, found everywhere from groceries to consumer goods to software packages. This sales system allows you to adjust your prices to structural, shipping, and logistics costs, creating a better deal for your potential customer.  Bundle pricing is about optimising these pack pricing strategies, analysing which are the best products to combine and the variations in price with which they can be marketed,... + read more

What is a cost-plus pricing strategy like?

Cost-plus pricing strategies are the most common in all areas of business. Nevertheless, they might not be the most suitable for eCommerce businesses or other types of online resellers. Competition in the digital world is brutal and with users that are increasingly sensitive to price comparisons, you must develop the right strategy to keep ahead of the competition while ensuring your profit margin. Raising your prices using the classic production cost formula is a legitimate way to maintain... + read more

The sadness of seeing an empty store: demand management

It makes me enormously sad to see an empty store or one with the staff in the doorway waiting for customers to enter. The excitement with which an entrepreneur opens a commercial premise is cut short due to a lack of knowledge of how to manage demand, not only of how to generate the same. How many times have you entered a store, a bar, a restaurant, or a museum and haven’t been able to stay, shop, or receive good service due to the number of customers present? I suppose that this has... + read more

Beat your real competition using a price index

Identifying the competition is an essential task for any business. However, in most cases, this identification process is limited to looking for similar sellers, without taking into account those that have a different business model but offer the same products as your online store. Price index techniques serve to identify this competition, which is really creating an obstacle to the success of your business.  Thanks to the price index, you’ll be able to clearly identify who the... + read more

Tips for implementing a price skimming strategy

When planning the launch of a new product or service into the market, you must assess all of the possible pricing strategies that are available since the demand for this new item and its future success will largely depend on its launch price. Among the most widespread are skimming pricing or price skimming strategies, which are especially useful for high-quality products with limited demand. We’re going to explain which aspects you should consider to achieve the greatest profits and... + read more