Why does an ecommerce need a price analyst?

The importance of the price in the success of an ecommerce requires more and more specialized roles, and one of them is that of the price analyst. These professionals focus on the study of prices in all their amplitude, with the aim of collaborating in the definition of the best price offer for an electronic commerce to be really competitive. It is an arduous task, in which data, research and technology are essential, since the functions can range from the monitoring of competitive prices to... + read more

4 great ecommerce challenges for manufacturers

Many analysts anticipated an exponential growth of B2B ecommerce, with chilling global figures: of 6.7 trillion dollars for the year 2020, according to the consultant Frost & Sullivan. The analysts of Forrester Research predicted a sales figure of almost $ 1 trillion only for the US market in its report 'US B2B eCommerceForecast 2015-2020'. The data, so far, has not been as spectacular as expected, which shows that the B2B ecommerce is still at a very early stage, pending... + read more

Three challenges that ecommerce face and how to deal with them

The growth of electronic commerce continues to exceed all forecasts. In the portal specialized in studies Statista they already anticipate a huge growth of the sales in the electronic commerce in the whole world, which is anticipated to surpass the 1.3 trillions of dollars of 2014 to the 4.5 trillions of dollars in 2021. But this growth and bonanza data do not mean that all ecommerce are permanent profit generating machines. All the actors in the universe of online sales face, to a greater or... + read more

Repricing actions to become more competitive

Monitoring prices is a competitive advantage for any ecommerce. Intelligence technology and price monitoring is an indispensable tool to understand the digital ecosystem and develop a pricing strategy. These solutions allow you to track competitors, detect their prices for historical analysis or forecast trends, and even understand their catalogue movements (in stock, new references, renewal of items, etc.). It is not about reacting to the competition only by lowering prices, as many suppose.... + read more

Manufacturers and electronic commerce: barriers and opportunities

Since its inception, electronic commerce was dominated by retail companies. These companies, as solid B2C business models, were the pioneers in looking for that same consumer and new ones on the internet to offer their products and services. It is true that they had to adapt their businesses to the electronic environment, but as consumers matured and adopted online shopping as a routine, ecommerce has been consolidating and growing. Overcoming barriers: maturity and complexity of decision... + read more