Minderest, in the FT1000 ranking for the second consecutive year

FT 1000 Minderest
We are delighted to announce that Minderest, the pioneer Spanish company in Price Intelligence, repeats for the second consecutive year in the Financial Times’ FT1000 ranking, being also the only company from the Pricing sector on the list. A mention that confirms our European leadership in the pricing sector and the continuous and constant growth of the company since its foundation in 2012.

Using gamification to generate greater customer engagement

Gamification is a growing trend. This is a type of interactive marketing you can use to increase customer engagement with your eCommerce business. It’s based using games and game dynamics that have been personalised with the company’s branding to attract potential customers and build loyalty among the regular users of your online shop. Implementing gamification is quite simple thanks to current tools for creating online campaigns and marketing, like Easypromos. To begin, you... + read more

The importance of knowing your competitors’ catalogues

 Knowing your competitors’ catalogues
In the current digital paradigm, where the number of eCommerce businesses is growing incessantly, millions of websites are competing to take your place and dominate the market. This is why it’s important to know with which competitors you have products in common with, or not. This percentage is vital for designing your pricing strategy. Using a tool to monitor prices, catalogues, and stock, which automates this process, will undoubtedly be the most effective. Knowing your competitors... + read more

How to reduce the bounce rate and average session on your eCommerce website

How to reduce the bounce rate
The bounce rate, or the percentage of users that abandon a webpage, and the amount of time they remain on it provide extremely valuable information about your website’s performance and the user experience. On average, a user only needs a few seconds to decide whether to stay on a website or leave, making this fleeting period of time key for convincing them to stay. What are the ideal figures? Many factors influence the bounce rate and average session time on a website, such as the... + read more

New payment systems that you can implement in your eCommerce business

New payment systems
Having a payment system that is secure and at the forefront of electronic commerce is a key factor for the development of an eCommerce business. In fact, choosing certain options over other alternatives influences both the performance of the purchase as well as the store’s image in the eyes of its potential buyers. Given the generous increase in the number of online sales in almost all parts of the world, platforms and payment gateway managers continue to innovate and produce new... + read more