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Shopping cart abandonment: how to recover customer business?

Abandoned carts are one of the biggest concerns for online stores as they represent a volume of potential sales currently in the process of being lost, a black hole that any eCommerce should pay attention to. For what reasons do users abandon their cart? There are several reasons why a user leaves an online store without completing the purchase process, we highlight the following: The user did not plan to buy but enters just out of curiosity. At the time of payment, they noticed... + read more

Black and Grey market, detect their presence within our distribution channel

One of the handicaps that most brands and manufacturers have to deal with, especially in the perfume, fashion and technology sector, is the identification of counterfeits of their products, which in addition to assuming million-dollar sales losses, also puts into play brand reputation and image. It is also of great importance to identify grey-market products, i.e. goods from different distribution channels than those authorised by the manufacturer, which, although not considered illegal,... + read more

Implementing a price-penetration strategy for brands

A price-penetration strategy mainly consists of initially setting a low price in order to achieve fast market penetration, that is, to efficiently capture a higher number of clients faster and therefore achieve a greater market share within a shorter timeframe.  The high volume of sales lowers production costs, making it possible for the company to further lower product prices and gain greater interest from users. Implementation of a price-penetration strategy is linked to the price... + read more

How to boost your sales with Google Shopping

Google Shopping has become a fundamental platform for e-Commerce as a product showcase.  It presents a unique opportunity that allows online sellers to be able to show their items to a very demanding audience and in just one click the user will be able to visualise the exact product that he is looking for, and what is the best price.  Making your product appear at the top of this search engine sounds ideal for any online store, but it also has its disadvantages, what if your prices... + read more

Key reasons why Apple is a market leader

Apple's main key to success is based on setting high prices to build a luxury brand, but how do you explain its success despite having high prices? Apple's differential characteristic is to offer unique and premium products that in turn are emotive and generate feelings such as the need to have Apple’s exclusivity. Apple’s strategy for success Continuous innovation: Apple is a leader in innovation and manages to set trends with each product it launches on... + read more