Recommendations AI: Google’s new eCommerce recommendation system

Recommendations AI
Finding the perfect formula to build the recommended products list for your eCommerce business is now easier thanks to Recommendations AI, the new Google tool that always offers users the best products related to their purchase. Do you want to improve cross-selling in your eCommerce business? Add Recommendations AI to your price intelligence package and boost your sales. What exactly is Recommendations AI?

How to set your prices after the November sales

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, November ends and eCommerce companies must revise their pricing strategies and prepare for their Christmas campaign. They must set the sales aside and restructure the prices in their catalogues in accordance with their market objectives to increase their revenue. With the closing of the fiscal year just around the corner, an increase in sales in the month of December will allow the eCommerce business to reach 2021 with positive results. To achieve this, we... + read more

How to protect yourself from low-price competitors

Protect yourself from low-price competitors
Over the past few years, low-price giants have become major players in all distribution markets, including online. They operate using a business model that allows them to survive, even with lower profit margins, by minimising overheads. As a result, the fight over prices is undoubtedly one of the factors that generate the most headaches, especially when it comes to preserving your profit margins. Keeping track of the competition with a monitoring tool is a must for any business that doesn... + read more

What is interactive marketing and how can you use it?

Interactive marketing
Interactive marketing is a set of practices aimed at generating fluid communication with your customers and encouraging their interaction with the brand. This is a marketing strategy that has proven to be very effective at increasing customer engagement with eCommerce businesses as well as improving conversion rates and loyalty. At the same time, it allows companies to obtain quality information about their customers that can be integrated into their dynamic pricing systems to... + read more

Cyber Monday: a guide to boosting your sales

Cyber Monday.
Cyber Monday offers eCommerce businesses new opportunities to optimise their sales and build customer loyalty for the upcoming Christmas campaign. This is the Monday after Black Friday, an event dedicated to online sales, which falls on 30 November 2020 this year. Even though the current COVID-19 pandemic has blurred the differences between Cyber Monday and Black Friday, which used to hold greater importance in physical stores, Cyber Monday offers eCommerce stores the opportunity to present... + read more