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Amazon Prime Day: Just how good were their offers?

The awaited Amazon Prime Day is in its fifth worldwide edition, held on July 15th and 16th, a wave of offers from what is already known as "Summer Black Friday".  Undoubtedly an unmissable event for lovers of online shopping and at the same time a way for Amazon to gain more Prime subscribers, as only prime members could access the promotions. According to official figures, over 175 million products were sold in 18+ countries, but just how attractive were these offers?... + read more

What variables should you use to monitor your competition?

Monitoring your competitors is already one of the fundamental pillars when preparing any online sales strategy. Within the research phase, both in online stores and marketplaces, there are several factors that must be taken into account, but above all, there are certain elements that we cannot forget if we want to obtain reliable and representative results from competitor monitoring. Competitor monitoring should be a continuous, regular, exercise that simplifies the investigation of each... + read more

What is a differential pricing strategy?

There are as many different pricing strategies as there are needs, for Brands and eCommerce’s, and they are also as varied as the potential buyers they want to reach. When establishing dynamic price strategies, it is necessary to consider innumerable factors that all come together at the precise moment the decision to purchase is made. Within pricing trends, dynamic pricing strategies are king, as far as the digital world is concerned. However, we cannot lose sight of certain, more... + read more

User generated content: how to add user reviews and comments in your online store

If digital experts coincide on something, it is invariably the important role of users in any online environment. Hence, the content generated by users has an increasingly prominent position in all types of websites, including online stores. In eCommerce, content created by users is particularly relevant as a support to the purchase decision. Both content marketers and specialists in customer journey, know perfectly how they can influence the conversion of ratings and comments of other buyers... + read more

Four tricks to optimise your advertising on Google Shopping

Google Shopping is already part of the advertising grid of more and more brands that sell online, either through direct sales or through different marketplaces. Experts in digital marketing and sales, via Google Shopping, are increasingly in demand by many companies, as the need to make better ads is now identified as being key. However, it is always worth considering what are the best practices to apply in this field, regardless of who runs and plans the ads themselves. There are certain... + read more