MSRP monitoring: how to control the recommended prices of your brand

MSRP is the recommended sale price that a manufacturer establishes for each of its products. A priori, something simple to understand; however, the control over it inexorably influences the index of profits and positioning of a firm. The main handicap of brands that sell through brick & mortar retailers is that they do not have an exact knowledge about the prices at which their products are sold within the generality of the market. And being on top of everything is impossible. MSRP... + read more

Do 'out of stock' strategies work to increase sales?

Placing products with the label 'out of stock' is one of the booming actions to increase the conversion of some e-commerce. The objective is the key: using the principle of urgency, nothing better than telling the customer that the product they are thinking of acquiring is almost out of stock. But does this out of stock strategy really work to boost sales? The reality is that yes. The out of stock is a growing strategy thanks to the good results it achieves, especially in certain... + read more

Father's and Mother's Day: how to fix prices for the dreaded packs?

Like Valentine's Day or Black Friday (which has now become Cyber November), Father's Day and Mother's Day are two key dates for ecommerce. During the year, online stores face these featured dates trying to be the most competitive, an objective that can lead to making the wrong decisions along the way. Over the days of Father´s and Mother´s day, the sales strategy focuses on making good packs that attract more customers and increase sales. However, sometimes the way to... + read more

How to adjust prices to your competition without losing margins

Adjusting prices to the competition sometimes becomes a complicated task, especially in terms of retaining profit margins. Thanks to the monitoring of competitive prices, online sellers track and compare the prices with which the other brands play, allowing them to make fairer and more accurate decisions in their pricing strategy. However, when it comes to adjusting down prices, it is necessary to take into account certain aspects that allow you to get the most out of market knowledge in real... + read more

How Artificial Intelligence helps ecommerce

We have all heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI), but how can it benefit ecommerce? The essential thing to know about AI is that it is the machines that are responsible for doing certain tasks and that those machines are capable of learning to improve the way they are doing those tasks, thus improving their results and multiplying productivity. The development of AI is increasingly important in marketing and ecommerce. There are machines capable of tackling by themselves tasks that would... + read more