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Customer loyalty and omnichannel strategies

Omnichannel strategies go beyond having a presence on all channels to reach your audience. This is a resource that allows you to optimise the user experience thanks to the integrated work between the channels, which complement each other to offer a better shopping experience and to strengthen both online and offline relationships. The consumption model from two decades ago is very different from the current one. In the past, the consumer would go to one physical store, buy a product, and... + read more

Are price promotions key to the success of your eCommerce business?

Price promotions, also known as promotional pricing, are strategies that have been used in marketing campaigns for as long as businesses have been selling goods and services. They’re obviously a popular method of increasing sales and attracting customers, but, despite their popularity, they often sacrifice profits by lowering your sales revenue. In the past, when there was less competition in the market, price promotions were sporadically used by retailers to offload accumulated stock... + read more

Dynamic pricing to find the optimal price point

In the beginning, the majority of businesses follow very basic rules when it comes to setting their prices. Generally, they choose an average value based on what their competitors are offering. Such a low-risk approach won’t bring great results, though. To excel, you need to set a more solid strategy that allows you to adjust your prices correctly. Pricing isn’t an exact science, so choosing a good starting price is an important decision for any business to make. Of course, you... + read more

Inventory management and pricing strategies

A well-managed inventory is essential for any business or eCommerce store. Optimal inventory management should reflect a balance between the interests and expectations of your clients and your costs. That’s to say, having enough items in stock to satisfy demand while keeping inventory costs at a minimum. The presence of “dead stock,” excess stock with a high probability of not being sold, occupies space that could be dedicated to more successful products while also... + read more

Big data and pricing: how to find the best price for your products

Big data is one of the most demanded techniques today.  The labour market has been overrun with searches for specialist data analysts in this field and there are no longer developments which do not include, at least in part, elements of big data.  Most of today's business technologies have a significant big data presence, and in eCommerce and online business it wasn't going to be any less.  In fact, this has become a fundamental pillar for dynamic pricing, an upward... + read more