Dynamic pricing for consulting services

We’re so accustomed to talking about dynamic pricing on websites for eCommerce businesses, airlines, hotels, physical stores, cinemas, theatres, and so on that we often forget service companies, such as companies that offer consulting services, for example. In the first place, we often fail to recognise these as real companies with perishable resources. At the end of each month, any available capacity that hasn’t been sold will no longer have an outlet, which will diminish the... + read more

Promotional marketing to increase your sales

Promotional marketing is very present in our daily lives. It has to do using special offers to increase the user’s interest and influence their purchase decision. This kind of marketing can also make a product or a company stand out among its competitors. The most important factors that will determine if a user chooses to complete their purchase in one eCommerce store or another is the price and the offers. This is why using promotional marketing techniques appropriately in your online... + read more

The 3 main advantages of penetration pricing

Establishing the most appropriate price for a new product or service that’s going to enter the market is essential to achieve success. Many eCommerce businesses turn to penetration pricing strategies to ensure the profitability of these new items. This low-price strategy is most effective in markets with high elasticity of demand. In this context, opting for penetration pricing will provide retailers with three important competitive advantages, which we’ll explain in this... + read more

The grey market: how to reduce unauthorised sales of your products

Selling products without authorisation from the brand is one of the most common problems in the digital environment. This is what is known as the grey market since it lies at the limit of correctness, even dipping into illegality in certain cases. Keeping track of the digital outlets that sell your products can be a mammoth task, but it’s possible to keep yourself up to date through the use of monitoring tools. Let’s review what the grey market is, what it means to the brand, and... + read more

White-label products in the global pricing strategy

One of the great business revolutions of the last few decades has been the proliferation of white-label goods. In fact, the catalogues of products in some companies are so extensive that they’ve allowed many businesses to survive exclusively due to the sales of these types of products. From supermarkets to hairdressers, this trend passes through a thousand and one sectors. What impact do these white-label products have on global pricing strategies? They have direct consequences on... + read more