Manufacturers and M.A.P controlling

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP), refers to the minimum price that manufacturers let their distributors to advertise the products. MAP policies are particularly critical to manufacturers selling their products for online resale, given the ease at which consumers can now conduct online and mobile price comparisons. MAP policies are also established to help small businesses compete and sell on service and value, rather than entering into a price war with cost-cutting big box stores. To respect... + read more

How many products does Amazon have?

Everyone knows that Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce worldwide, but how big is it really? Let´s start with its name. The e-commerce heavyweight is named for the Amazon river, which trumps every other river in width. Amazon, the company, at 10 times the size of its immediate competitor , is definitely living up to its name. If we do a “negative search” on the site, by entering the keyword "-searchwithoutresults” in the search field, what we... + read more

The strategy of reducing prices of out-of-stock products

Have you ever noticed that out-of-stock products use to have very good prices? It may seem simple, but this is one of the strategies most commonly used in e-commerce, and is certainly advantageous as we are going to describe here. They transmit the impression of  a competitive price e-shop A potential customer who check a product  out of stock but with a very good price, has the impression that the e-shop has good prices and hence is competitive, so that he will probably come back... + read more

Learning from competitors and their product names

If we ask a product manager for the most important factor for a product to be top sales, he will probably answer the price. But for that premise to be fulfilled, our product would be also easy to find for our customers. It´s worthless having a very competitive price, if our customers can´t find that price in our ecommerce, and the first element to locate a product is its own name. Name must contain the main features that truly describe the product, for instance: Brand... + read more

Repricing; save thousands of hours in your pricing strategy

In previous articles we talked about the importance of using a software for price monitoring to know competitive information of vital importance. The purpose is obvious: to offer a competitive price, we need to know market prices. Consequently, and once we get to this point, the first question that comes to our mind is: How do I implement my pricing strategy? Every Company has its own pricing strategy, usually marked by the pricing team, with a clear objective to enhance their competitive... + read more