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Competition novelties under control

An e commerce catalogue keeps changing all the time and it is frequent that in one month some hundreds of products are either added or removed. New brands, new product types, discontinued products, etc. en e commerce catalogue must be alive if one wants to be competitive. Along these lines, What steps is my competition taking in terms of managing its catalogue? In Minderest we have developed the first solution to analyse and manage competition product catalogues. We answer the following... + read more

Monitoring the competition prices

What should we bear in mind when it comes to monitoring our competitors? There are many issues to be taken into account when designing a price tracking strategy. In Minderest we are going to give an answer to the main variables: Guidelines to choose the competitors: - What is your client´s target? We will choose those company which are aiming the same target. We can use Alexa and its audience metrics ( gender, age, etc.) We can use El Corte Inglés as an example. Do our e commerce... + read more

Setting prices dynamically in PrestaShop depending on your competition prices

Setting prices in an e Commerce with Presta Shop is now much easier with Minderest price monitoring software. Install our new module of price intelligence in the PS Back office and you will be able to decide your ecommerce price strategy: Sell cheaper than your competitors if you want to by setting an amount or a % below the competitor´s price Set a minimum margin on each sale Save hundreds of hours in comparison with a hand price setting Increase your benefits... + read more

Competition's prices under control using a Price monitoring software

Being aware of the competition´s prices can be a complex task if one doesn´t have a Competition´s price monitoring software. One of the main reasons for buyers to purchase online is to have access to better prices. For this reason, to have a competition´s price monitoring software is one of the key points in order to ensure our e commerce success. Listed below you will find the main advantages of using a pricing software: Time saving in relation to check prices... + read more

Monitoring discount coupons platforms

The main purchasing factor for discount coupons platforms are with no doubt the price. Groupon, Letsbonus, Groupalia and oferplan amongst others, have succeeded by offering great value for money proposals, reaching up to a 70% discount in some cases. Managing the right price strategy in this sector is a key issue in order to achieve a successful strategy, especially when profit margins are so narrow. There are two main points to take into account in a coupons platform competitor study... + read more