Talk and buy: 'Voice shopping'

The arrival of Siri, the voice assistant of Apple, caused a big surprise as it usually happens with almost any innovation proposed by Apple. And it was also a reason for many jokes. We have seen humorous gags in which a person talks to Siri as if it were somebody real, situations in which a rebellious Siri refuses to talk to the owner of a smartphone, and even to Siri giving incorrect instructions just to annoy. But voice assistants are already a serious thing, and voice is beginning to... + read more

Tips for stock management in ecommerce

For consumers, the omni- channel commerce of brands is a much appreciated situation because it allows them to buy in multiple points of sale, both virtual and physical, directly to the brand in question or through other multi-brand channels with absolute comfort. But for brands the omni-channel commerce is a headache, a complex puzzle with a key piece: stock management. Stock management impacts on finance, trade policy, storage space and logistics, just to mention some of the most important... + read more

Brand building and pricing

Although price is one of the four key variables for the definition of marketing, in reality, a marketing manager concentrates his activity around the issues of identity, values, positioning or value proposition of the brand. Sometimes due to organization reasons and others because of the dynamics of the business sectors, the fact is that the focus of marketing areas is not usually in the treatment of price as a variable. And when this happens, although tactically the price treatment can be... + read more

The importance of tracking competition prices for brands

"Vodafone follows in the footsteps of Telefonica and Orange, and raises its rates", "Netflix could raise its rates in view of the movements of its competitors." News articles such as these, which we see daily in the media, highlight the importance for brands to monitor the prices of the competition and update their prices based on the movements observed, and to do so without making mistakes. Brand positioning largely defines the price of products. And, as you know, price is... + read more

What is repricing for an ecommerce?

Repricing is one of the many concepts that have been incorporated into the digital language with the evolution of electronic commerce. The concept seems simple to explain, since it is a way of updating the prices of online products with a certain degree of automation, which in the end seems to be nothing more or less than setting prices and applying them. But in the digital world things change very fast and the novelties come with a name of their own, such as repricing. Competition in... + read more