The 5 ingredients of an effective pricing strategy

The importance of the price in the online purchase decision is very high, so defining an appropriate pricing strategy can be the difference between the success and failure of an eCommerce. When we see the main players of electronic commerce, such as Amazon or Alibaba, we observe that they use dynamic pricing technologies, which allows them to make adjustments in their prices that are totally personalized and in real time. If we the glass half empty, we could think that everything comes down... + read more

Monitoring the prices of your competition: three reasons to take the step

The three keys to electronic commerce could be summarized as: price, price and price. It may seem as an exaggeration, but the importance of the price in online sales is decisive. And although it is true that the user experience is becoming increasingly important, for users online shopping is an online comparison for competitor prices. Users browse, review, compare, confront with a click and in just a few seconds. An online store can have a well-built proposal, propose a different experience... + read more

"Direct to Consumer", when brands go directly to the customer

There was a time when the boundaries between the manufacturers and the distribution channel were very clear. The manufacturers designed and manufactured products, the distributors acquired those items to sell them in their stores and the final consumers bought them. Simple and effective. But the appearance of electronic commerce changed the rules of the game and, although it led to a generation of new purely digital distributors, the linear model of the physical world (from manufacturer to... + read more

What place does price occupy in the way of buying in the millennial?

The so-called millennial belongs to the generation that has the most purchasing power in global terms. But it is also the one that has more diverse buying habits, representing a real challenge for ecommerce, who must define marketing strategies to seduce them. Unlike what happens with other buyers, for millennial the price is very important. While other types of buyers see price as one more component in their buying decision, for millenial price is key. Price and smart consumption The... + read more

Growth analysis of the Amazon catalogue in the last 6 months

About 6 months ago we analysed the total volume of assortment that the different Amazon´s have in the world, confirming that it is in Europe where more assortment is available. Let's see how the volume of products has evolved in the last 6 months, both in Amazon USA and in Spain. Total products in Amazon USA 4/17: 371,371,285 Total products in Amazon USA 10/17: 613,829,698 (+ 65%)   Total products on Amazon ES 4/17: 198,881,585 Total products on Amazon ES 10/17: 244,524,644... + read more