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Three infallible tricks to boost up-sales within your online-store

One of the great challenges that an online-store faces is to improve the quality of its sales.  When we talk about the quality of a sale, we talk about boosting the average checkout value.  In fact, this has been a great concern for any type of business, not just eCommerce.  However, in an environment in which there is neither interaction nor personal treatment, it is necessary to contemplate the formulas that allow an increase of up-sales in the online shopping cart. Regarding... + read more

How has digitalization changed the relationship between manufacturers and retailers?

Digitisation has changed the way we see the world, this is a fact.  It has also, when applied to business, been a huge leap in the relationship between manufacturers and retailers.  This progress has been both qualitative and quantitative, enriching and refining the understanding between both, along with improving communications and the supervision of certain processes. Through the magnifying glass of digital transformation, certain points are seen which are especially interesting to... + read more

How mid-season sales affect ecommerce?

For those who haven’t noticed, the price war in which eCommerce is submerged does not stop.  Price monitoring by all involved is inevitably necessary and finding the link between an attractive price to the customer, the benefits of the brand, and the competitiveness of the market is like looking for the holy grail. However, the path is becoming well-beaten and successful formulas that work, maybe just for some, are tested, fine-tuned, and perfected for others while also being adapted... + read more

The 4 key price monitoring indicators

In the new digital paradigm, all brands and companies that sell online constantly monitor what their competitors are doing.  Price monitoring, inside and outside of marketplaces, is essential to maintain their activity within an increasingly unrestrained market. Price monitoring and management tools are increasingly demanded by these users.  They will split the actions that are framed in the pricing strategies of each brand.  However, the obtained results require good analysis... + read more

From the physical store to the showroom: the paradigm shift of online sales

An eCommerce is consolidated as a true option within the possible methods of purchase for Spanish users.  According to a recent study by IAB Spain, more than 19 million Spanish users buy online.  The ecommerce is no longer only a matter for millennials and younger people; baby-boomers, generation-x and generation-y buy more and more online.  This, clearly, has a great impact on local, physical, trade. The rise of online shopping has made retailers of all kinds look for new ways... + read more