What is interactive marketing and how can you use it?

Interactive marketing
Interactive marketing is a set of practices aimed at generating fluid communication with your customers and encouraging their interaction with the brand. This is a marketing strategy that has proven to be very effective at increasing customer engagement with eCommerce businesses as well as improving conversion rates and loyalty. At the same time, it allows companies to obtain quality information about their customers that can be integrated into their dynamic pricing systems to... + read more

Cyber Monday: a guide to boosting your sales

Cyber Monday.
Cyber Monday offers eCommerce businesses new opportunities to optimise their sales and build customer loyalty for the upcoming Christmas campaign. This is the Monday after Black Friday, an event dedicated to online sales, which falls on 30 November 2020 this year. Even though the current COVID-19 pandemic has blurred the differences between Cyber Monday and Black Friday, which used to hold greater importance in physical stores, Cyber Monday offers eCommerce stores the opportunity to present... + read more

How to calculate safety stock

Safety stock calculate
Safety stock is the extra product that you should have in your warehouse to prepare for any unforeseen market events, such as a problem with production or an increase in product demand caused by forces beyond your control. No matter what, you must have excess stock on hand that will allow you to comfortably get through these rough patches while at the same time, not creating an accumulated burden in the long term. So, how can you calculate the safety stock that you’ll need in your... + read more

How do consumers compare prices before purchasing?

Online price comparison.
The customers of online stores often compare the prices of different eCommerce stores to assess the quality of their offers. According to data that was recently published by Acierto, a Spanish insurance comparison tool, 93% of consumers compare prices online before purchasing a product or service to ensure that they’re getting the best price on the market. Faced with this reality, eCommerce businesses need to know the channels and pricing tools that their potential clients can use to... + read more

Keys to maximising your sales on the most online Black Friday in history

Black Friday, maximise sales.
Black Friday 2020 will be celebrated on 27 November, a date on which online sales are expected to see a significant increase. Despite already being positioned as one of the great annual events for eCommerce businesses, the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in retailers focusing their efforts even further into online sales and promotions. At the same time, a large number of businesses are expected to extend their offers to the weekend or even for the entire week in order to... + read more