Three reasons why it is interesting for a manufacturer to have an online store

On many occasions we assume that all brands have taken the step towards e-commerce, however this is still very far from the reality. For example, luxury brands are still reluctant to sell online, because they believe that they cannot get online that experience of exclusivity that they do get through the physical stores. It may be a compelling reason, however the pressure to increase the volume of the business is getting some of these brands to begin the process, slowly but steadily. This... + read more

What are 'catalogue insights?'

Creating a distribution channel is one of the most difficult tasks that a company faces. An indispensable task, on the other hand, since the distribution channel is the way for the manufacturers products to reach the final consumer. But if distribution is a key activity for marketing, online sales have added complexity to this activity, both in the creation of the distribution network and in monitoring or management of the same. Unlike the pre-internet era, digital channels are more exposed.... + read more

How to avoid errors in price monitoring

Global ecommerce studies continue to talk about the phenomenon of 'ecommerce boom' with sales figures that continue to grow, new competitors that are constantly appearing in the market and increasingly agile users that compare prices. You just have to see any study, such as that by Credit Suise earlier this year, Many e-Commerce Opportunities Ahead in Emerging Markets, to prove it. Online selling is not a monopoly; there are dozens of competitors in every sector, from global... + read more

Why should online stores monitor their own prices?

As well as monitoring competitor´s prices, online merchants must monitor their own prices. We may think that the fundamental reason is the need to compare their prices with those of their competitors, but there are more reasons. In every pricing process (market price research for a product and post fixing) errors occur. On some occasions, we have verified how electronic businesses took products at zero cost, or with erroneous prices, either much lower or higher than their real... + read more

Competitor price tracking

What is and how can we monitor competitor’s prices? One of the main advantages of e-commerce is its global reach, regardless of where the customer is, they have at their disposal a large catalogue of shops where they can buy the products they need. This benefit is for the customer, for the merchants however it is an added problem, since they compete against dozens of businesses that sell the same products. The trader needs to have an idea of ​​what the market price is, and what... + read more